A beauty of its kind! The Čikola River Canyon is full of surprises!

You have certainly heard a lot about Krka National Park, but probably not so much about the canyon located not far from the most famous waterfall, Skradinski Buk.

The Čikola River, which stretches from Mirlović Polje, through Drniš on its way to the confluence with the Krka, is hidden inside a beautiful canyon whose rocks reach up to 200 meters in height. And in it, hides indescribable beauty!



Čikola river canyon, Photo: gsafarek, Depositphoto


The Čikola river starts from its source at the foot of the Svilaja mountain and ends its 46-kilometer journey after passing through a canyon near Lake Torak, or rather a lake spring that resembles a lake due to its shape.

At the same time, Torak is one of the natural phenomena of the Čikola River Canyon. With a diameter of 150 meters and a depth of 30 meters, this spring gives character to the junction of two rivers with its beauty.

It can be accessed near the village of Brnjica, and you will certainly have the best view from the village of Goriš, which also has a hiking trail where you can walk to the viewpoint.


Čikola river canyon, Photo: iascic, Depositphoto


In addition to Lake Torak, this 14-kilometer-long canyon also houses the Ključica fortress, one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in this area. It was built in the 14th century, on the right bank of the Čikola River, and it certainly had one of the best locations.

The Ključica fortress can be reached from the Ključ settlement via a hiking trail and a goat trail. The path is not too difficult, but going there without proper equipment is not recommended.



For those who crave adrenaline, the Čikola River Canyon has a wonderful 1.4-kilometer zipline that takes you on an adventure through the canyon at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour on three lines of 250, 500, and 650 meters long.

If you are not afraid of heights, it will be a great opportunity to get to know this canyon even better, which simply beckons with its beauty at first sight!



Of course, for an even higher level of adrenaline, for those who enjoy climbing, there is also the Čikola Ferrata.

At the very beginning, the Via Ferrata Čikola descends steeply along the slope, leading you through a canyon with a small natural tunnel and wonderful views of the river itself. It is of moderate weight but recommended only for experienced people with appropriate equipment.


Čikola river canyon, Photo: kshu, Depositphoto


In the canyon of the Čikola River, there is also the old Napoleon bridge and the Old Drniš mill, which you must visit!

In addition to historical and cultural heritage and adventure, this river and the canyon have beautiful and diverse flora and fauna, which is why it has acquired the status of a protected area.





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