A charming old mill awaits your exploration within Valbona National Park!

Valbona National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Albania. It is located in a valley at the foot of the Albanian Alps, Accursed Mountains, and near the border with Montenegro.


At the entrance to the valley, on the river Valboni, there is a charming old mill (al. Mulliri i Vjetër i Valbonës) which is definitely worth a visit.



Old mill, Valbona, Photo: Belindeza, CC BY-SA 4.0


It is not difficult to get to because it is located right next to the road, so it only takes a few steps to view the amazing nature and the sound of the clear and wild river that passes under the bridge, which connects the mill with civilization.

The mill was built more than 100 years ago (some say 150), and it is decorated with specific local architecture.


Old mill, Valbona, Photo: Depositphotos


The mill is worth a visit because of the stunning nature that surrounds it, as it has unfortunately lost its functionality today. Around the Albanian Alps, every valley and village has its mills. Such mills were once used to prepare corn flour, but are no longer used today.


Old mill, Valbona, Photo: Depositphotos


It is best to visit it in the autumn period, when the water levels are high from the rains, and the color palette of the environment is the most intense.




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