A fair dedicated to the greatest Slovenian poet is about to begin on the streets of Kranj!

The city of Kranj, the third-largest Slovenian city and the birthplace of the greatest Slovenian poet, is about to celebrate one of its most significant cultural events. In honor of France Prešeren, every year on the 8th of February, the anniversary of his death, Kranj transports itself back to the mid-19th century, bringing his spirit to life in the streets.


France Prešeren, Kranj, Photo: Adria.fun


Who was France Prešern?

Born in Vrba na Gorenjskem, Slovenia, France Prešeren, gifted from birth, dedicated his life to working as a lawyer and expressing his romantic ideals through poetry. While deeply inspired by his love for Julija Primč, the unrequited nature of this love brought him much unhappiness. Later in life, he grappled with alcohol-related struggles, ultimately leading to his demise. He passed away in Kranj.


He became famous after his death, and today, his poem Zdravljica is the Slovenian national anthem.


France Prešeren, Kranj, Photo: Adria.fun



There are two major celebrations on the day of his death, one in Vrba na Gorenjskem and the other in Kranj. Observed as a Slovenian Cultural Holiday, the city of Kranj holds a Prešeren Fair, an event which lasts from 10 am until 5 pm.

On the streets of Kranj, you will be able to visit an arts and crafts fair, a street food festival called Prešerna kuhna, ride in a carriage, listen to recitals of Prešeren’s poemsenjoy a variety of musical and cultural programs for both adults and children.



People will dress up in costumes of Prešeren’s time, folklore groups will showcase their skills, and the whole city will be filled with the sound of barrel organs.

During the Prešern’s Fair, as you walk down the streets of Kranj, you will be able to visit all tourist attractions and cultural institutions as they open their doors to the public. The program will end with the  Gathering of Muses on the Carniolan Parnassus, a gathering of artists who have received the highest national awards in the field of culture and art.



Prešeren Fair, Photo: Urban Urbanc, Sportida d.o.o., www.slovenia.info


If you decide to visit this incredible cultural event, make sure to check out Kranj Ossuary and enjoy the view from the church of St. Cantianus.





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