Boračko lake is a perfect place for picnics and camping all year round

Boračko Lake, located in the municipality of Konjic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the right choice for a picnic, camping, and enjoying the fresh air with crystal clear water that attracts lovers of ecologically preserved destinations.

It lies at the northeastern foot of the Prenj mountain, at an altitude of 397 meters, surrounded from the west by the steep and wooded heights of Montenegro (1,343 m), and from the east by Tranjina (1,055 m).



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Boracko lake, Photo: Zdeněk Matyáš, Dreamstime


Boračko Lake is of glacial origin and draws its water from the Boračko stream. Its interesting elliptical shape is 786 meters long and 402 meters wide, while its greatest depth is about 17 meters.

In addition to being a wonderful place to cool off on hot days, it is also attractive to anglers due to its biodiversity. Various types of fish live in the lake, such as carp, trout, and chub, and the surroundings are decorated with reeds, and dense complexes of coniferous and deciduous forests.

It has two beaches, one smaller and one larger, excellent for those who like to sunbathe and swim, and there is no shortage of camping space either.



Although various legends are associated with the lake, its second-biggest attraction is the Šištica waterfall, a stream that flows out of the Boračko Lake and rushes headlong towards the Neretva. On its way, Šištica creates a beautiful waterfall over 30 meters high.



Šištica waterfall falling to Neretva, Photo: Cosic4, CC BY 3.0


You can reach the lake by a winding road from Konjic, and before you go down to it, it is recommended to stop at the viewpoint and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding hills.

With its natural beauty, numerous activities in the area, and a good offer of excellent Herzegovinian specialties, Boračko Lake will be an excellent and relaxing experience in nature any time of year!







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