A pleasure for the taste buds! Zlatne Gorice in Varaždin offers a real royal feast!

In our numerous visits to Varaždin, we have been consistently pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of service and the culinary offerings of this city. During a recent private visit, the experience was so noteworthy that we felt compelled to share it with you, as it deserves wider recognition.

Zlatne Gorce, located in Varaždin Breg, a few kilometers from the city center, holds the prestigious distinction of receiving not one but four Michelin Bib Gourmand awards, and it truly delivers a royal dining experience for an even more pleasant price.




Zlatne Gorice, Photo: Adria.fun


The moment we arrived to the restaurant, without a prior reservation, the waiter welcomed us from the doors and led us with a smile to the first floor of the restaurant, where we situated as per highest standards. We sat down and got introduced into the menu. While we waited for our aperitive and for everyone to decide upon their choice we found out that this beautiful restaurants, which is separated on two parts with two private dining rooms for those who like to keep their experience more quiet, is situated in Villa Kussy. 

The estate Villa Kussy used to belong to distinguished apothecary family from Varaždin that recieved it from nobel Dietrich. After the WWII, it was given to Varteks textile factory as a resorts for their workers and much much later became what it is known today as a restaurant Zlatne Gorice.


The restaurant offers both à la carte options and pre-made daily menus, catering to those who prefer simplicity. The original daily menu consists of three courses featuring delightful soup options like creamy pumpkin or mushroom soup, as well as a classic vegetable soup. The main course we picked includes pork cut with onion and plum jam, accompanied by a root vegetable sauce, buckwheat porridge, and mushrooms. Additionally, the main course is served with a fresh salad and a glass of your choice from their finest selection of wines.



Of course, such daily menu for some of us wasn’t working, so we picked a different choice of main course, a homemade pasta with creamy chicken souce and chicken fillet filled with camembert cheese and croquettes in a souce.



So far into the menue all the meals served were more than just good, plus everything was supper fresh and served real quick. The waiter also introduced us to their own wine offer, where we tasted Mušketir – semi sweet coupage of Graševina and muscat, sauvignon and rhine riesling, which were a perfect fit for the meal choices.

Hmm who’s ready for a dessert?:)

The choice went for apple-walnut-cheese strudle and panna cota! Mmm delicious…



After a pleasurable meal always comes a very “desired” receipt! It’s time to talk about prices.

Before I start, I need to mention that you need to take in consideration that this was a private celebration and that there was six of us, so this is why the billed totaled to 193 euros. However the three course meals are at pretty decent price, for 26 – 28 euros you will recieve a soup, main meal, salad, glass of wine and desert. Not bad right!

In addition to the daily offer, we ordered six aperitives ranging from 3 – 4.5 euros, chicken pasta for 12 euros and chicken with camembert cheese and croquettes for 19.5 euros.

Overall the experience was more than pleasant and service was impecable so make sure to pay them a visit, as Zlatne Gorice are also Adria Fun approved!


Another great option in vacinity of Varaždin is also Kneginečka hiža!




Once I saw that there was a bigger world out there, so I made myself be a part of it.

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