A trip to Sarajevo and Hotel Radon Plaza with our giveaway winner

If you joined one of the four giveaways that were organized on the occasion of the start of our portal Adria.fun, then we are sure you remember all the prizes and the winners! One such giveaway was taking you to Sarajevo and Hotel Radon Plaza.

The winner of this giveaway, Domagoj (@vorta13), recently arrived from Sarajevo and sent an email to our editorial office telling us about his stay in Hotel Radon Plaza and how he and his partner spent their weekend in this beautiful city.



It seems like they had a lot of fun! Check it out yourself!


We are citing their email entirely…


As this was our first time visiting Sarajevo, the first thing we, as true gourmets, wanted to try was ćevapi! So, immediately upon arrival, we headed to the popular local ćevapi shop and we can say that the Sarajevo gastronomy did not disappoint us at all. 🤤



We stayed in the beautifully decorated Hotel Radon Plaza, which at first won us over with its interior, and then with the kindness of the helpful staff who greeted us with a smile and were at our disposal during our stay. What we would also highlight is the offer and quality of food in the restaurant, where we had breakfast included. After a rich breakfast, we were full of energy and could set out to explore this intriguing city, which in our opinion exudes warmth, a different culture, interesting traditions, and warm-hearted locals, and as such it simply has a soul.



Of course, we also found ourselves in the famous Baščaršija, where we fed the pigeons, walked through the streets full of stalls, bought souvenirs, and took a few photos in the main square. We also photographed the mosques that are symbolic of this city. And how popular the main street is, is proven by the fact that the center itself was full of tourists, despite which we still caught the opportunity to try the burek from the buregdžinica, which also did not leave us hungry. 😋🍴



… And since we both love trains, we spontaneously took a look at the Sarajevo railway station, after which we drove to Mount Trebević, which is about a thirty-minute drive from the city center. We walked along the famous Olympic track for bobsleigh and sledging, all the way to the viewpoint at the top, where we were greeted by an impressive view of Sarajevo. ☀



We are lovers of nature and fresh air, so we enjoyed it there and made the most of the day, and the view from the top will remain in our memories forever. They say you can only see the purpose at the top… 🙂 We couldn’t resist and took a couple of photos at that location as well. 📸⛰



All in all, we enjoyed Sarajevo’s culture, comfortable accommodation, delicious food and drinks, and we allowed ourselves a bit of hedonism for this weekend trip (because we think that makes every trip more beautiful 😉). We would like to thank the Adria Fun organization and Hotel Radon Plaza for this prize and the overall unforgettable experience in Sarajevo


Best regards,
Domagoj and Ivana



Once again we would love to thank our partner Hotel Radon Plaza for making this adventure for this lovely couple happen and we want to thank Domagoj and his partner Ivana for their lovely pictures and story.


We hope, our dear reader, that you will soon as well participate in one of our upcoming giveaways. 🙂



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