A view worth a million leks – Lake Bovilla

In the heart of Albania, just 15 kilometers from the bustling metropolis of Tirana, lies Lake Bovilla. This lake, which is the largest source of drinking water for the inhabitants of the capital, provides an oasis of peace and nature that contrasts with its urban life.



It is an artificial reservoir also known as the Bovilla Reservoir, and it is located in the Mount Dajt National Park.


The road to Lake Bovilla takes you through picturesque Albanian landscapes. After passing through the municipality of Kamëz (Bathore) and the village of Zall-Herr, where the military base is located, the road leads you to a traffic sign where you should turn right.

Although the road is not asphalted, it leads to the picturesque village of Herraj and then to Lake Bovilla itself.


Lake Bovilla, Photo: Denis Ismailaj, Unsplash


At Lake Bovilla you can spend a picnic day on the shore, enjoying the peace and quiet. During the summer, the small bar by the lake becomes a popular place to relax. You can refresh yourself with a drink, enjoy a barbecue, and maybe even go for a swim. If you are adventurous, you can climb the mountain Gamti, from where there is an enchanting view of the lake.


Lake Bovilla, Photo: Abenteuer Albanien, Unsplash


From the top of the mountain, the lake looks like a huge emerald embedded in the green mountains of Albania.

Beautiful landscapes and numerous recreational opportunities make it an ideal destination for a day trip, so it is definitely worth a visit. 🙂




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