A wine adventure through the land of Vranac

Go on a wine adventure through the land of Vranac, a Montenegrin autochthonous variety. Just a few kilometers from Podgorica, you will find the largest European vineyard in one piece – Ćemovsko polje.

The area is as much as 2,310 hectares. About 70% of the vineyards are occupied by the main variety red vranac – the national pride of Montenegro. In three wine cellars (Lješkopolje, Ćemovsko polje, and Šipčanik) as many as 33 million liters of wine can be aged and matured.



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Besac fortress, Montenegrin wine tasting, Photo Adria.fun


Wine tasting can’t be more interesting than, for example, in the Šipčanik wine cellar, a former secret military airfield, located more than 30 meters underground, in a 356-meter-long tunnel.


Šipčanik wine cellar, Photo: Aliaksandr Mazurkevich, Dreamstime


You can also taste Vranac in the Ulcinj area, with the smell of the sea in a glass. In Katunska and Rijeka nahija, try the sweet Doljan vranac, but also the one made from piper stone. Each one is special in its own way, again powerful and robust.


Collection of Montenegrin wines, Photo: Adria.fun


You won’t regret it if you try Kratošija too, another top-quality Montenegrin red wine, or the famous Krstač white wine, and the rising star among white wines, the Žižak variety.

Wine has been a part of Montenegrin tradition, culture, and religion for centuries, so you will easily find it in many places, churches, monasteries, or private wineries that cherish tradition and have their own vineyards and produce wine.


Wines of Montenegro, Photo: Adria fun



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