Ada Bojana: An island created by legend and nature

Ada Bojana, an island and estuary in the south of Montenegro, hides not only natural beauty and diversity of fauna and flora but also an intriguing story about its origin, which says that Ada Bojana was not created by natural means but the result of a miraculous combination of human hands and legend.


Ada Bojana, Photo: Montenegro travel


According to popular legend, in 1858, at the mouth of the Bojana River into the Adriatic Sea, the ship Merito sank. The ship was owned by Antun Alegreti from Trogir, and captained by Naporeli.


This accident became a decisive point for the formation of Ada Bojana, since the shipwrecks, together with two smaller islands nearby, retained the river sediments, gradually creating a triangular-shaped island. Today, Ada Bojana represents a unique combination of sea and river waters for enjoying the richness of nature.


Ada Bojana, Photo: Nenad Maric, Pixabay


Rich flora and fauna make Ada Bojana a paradise for nature lovers, while it is especially known for specific winds that create perfect conditions for kitesurfing.

Besides being a paradise for water sports lovers, Ada Bojana is often described as a place that can help people find peace and inner balance.


Ada Bojana, Photo: Dvrcan,


Ada Bojana is located at the confluence of the Bojana River with the Adriatic Sea, on the very border of Montenegro and Albania. It has beautiful sandy beaches, a rich gastronomic offer, and plenty of parking for vehicles.


Ada Bojana, Photo:


The shores lapped by the Bojana River are known for their wooden houses, from which the locals catch fish in a traditional, specific way, which can be tasted in local fish restaurants.


Ada Bojana, Photo:


Enthusiasts of nudism come in large numbers to Ada Bojana. The nudist part of the island used to be reached by raft, but today the path leads over a small bridge. The famous film The Beauty of Vice was filmed on the nudist beach.


Ada Bojana, Photo: Grzegorz Pysz, Pixabay


Ada Bojana is a destination that combines history, nature, sports, and relaxation, providing an unforgettable experience to every visitor. If you haven’t been yet, it’s time to plan your visit. As soon as possible!




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