wishes you a happy New Year 2024



Thank you for all the minutes you spent reading our articles and for the minutes you will spend reading every next one!

Thank you for enabling our project to shine from the very beginning!

Thank you for traveling with us, enjoying giveaways, and taking part in quizzes!

Thank you for all the likes and comments!

Thank you for the messages of support and wonderful photos!

Thank you for raising awareness about the preservation of our wonderful region with us!

Thank you for spreading love, kindness, and respect!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 1,000,000 more times!


In six months, portal was visited by 56.000 people, a total of 111,700 times.

The most read articles were:

and many others!


We wouldn’t have succeeded without you, so we wish you all the best, lots of happiness, love, joy, wonderful moments, lots of travel, and that everything you wish for comes true!


Kind regards,

Paula Kovačić
editor-in-chief of the portal




The publication was created as a result of the joint work of the editorial staff.


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