All roads lead to Međimurje for Urbanovo 2024!

In the middle of May, Štrigova becomes a wine center and host of Urbanovo – a key event in Međimurje dedicated to wine.

Organized by the Hortus Croatiae association, a rich program has been designed for all lovers of Međimurje wines, and the highlight of Urbanovo is certainly the three-day Pušipela Festival.



Urbanovo 2024 , Photo: Urbanovo



In the Cultural center in Štrigova, from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May, the Pušipela Festival will be held, where you will be able to taste more than 170 labels of top wines from 24 wineries of the Hortus Croatiae Association.

You can secure daily tickets at the price of €25 right now at EVENTIM. The working hours of the Festival on Friday and Saturday are from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and on Sunday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

The organizers emphasize an interesting accompanying program of the event, so on the first day of the Festival, an exhibition titled “The History of Winemaking in Liburnia” opens in cooperation with the State Archives in Štrigova and the State Archives in Rijeka.

On the same day at 8:00 pm in Terme Sveti Martin in front of the Potkova pub, a “Wine & smile quiz” will be held, with winemakers and famous bloggers and influencers under the leadership of stand-up comedian Goran Vugrinec.


Urbanovo 2024 , Photo: Urbanovo


On Saturday, all visitors to the Festival can expect a “Cooking show by Bajzovi dvori & Marko Palfi”, while Sunday is reserved for the morning “Urbanovo WINE RUN”, and during the last day of the festival, children’s animators are organized for all families who want to visit the festival.

All three days after the festival, visitors can be entertained with a special music program: Krunoslav Lajtman and Patrik Zamuda on Friday, a DJ on Saturday, and a Zodiac duo on Sunday.

Many visitors this year could also be attracted to the Urbanovo train that goes from Zagreb from the main station to the station in Čakovec, after which visitors will take buses to Štrigova.


Urbanovo 2024, Photo: Urbanovo



Although the Pušipela Festival is the highlight of this event, it is preceded by the International Wine Judging on May 3 and 4 and the Urbanovo Gourmet week from May 3 to 19, during which the restaurants involved in the project will offer food paired with top wines from Međimurje winemakers.

Urbanovo ends with the Open Cellars on May 24 and 25, where, in addition to excellent wines, various culinary delicacies await you.


Urbanovo 2024, Photo: Urbanovo


You can find all the information and details about the Urbanovo program on the web, Instagram, and Facebook.




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