All the best for the upcoming holidays!

A little more than six months ago, we launched our project, intended for everyone who loves to travel and have fun.


This sweet informational portal of ours is dedicated to entertainment, leisure, travel, excursions, concerts, going out, food and drink, relaxation, and adrenaline, besides various fortresses, museums, rivers, and lakes, we have also tested all types of accommodation, tried food in restaurants, and was always in a dilemma as to which cafe has the best coffee.



In those six months, apart from writing about Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania, we also did our best to write from every corner of the Adria region, and sometimes beyond, instead of sitting in the comfort of our Zagreb office. The road also led us to Serbia, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Ethiopia, and to all of us far away India.


We observed, photographed, and admired. But that’s just the beginning. The beginning that we would like to share with you in 2024. We have many, many more plans! There will be new giveaways, events, and trips to your region.


We would like to thank all our loyal readers who surprise us day after day and achieve better and better results with us month after month. We would also like to thank all the partners who supported us, and we hope for further cooperation, to provide you, our dear reader, with an even better experience, but also a good time.


For these upcoming holidays, the entire team of portal wishes you all the best. May all your dreams and wishes come true, may you be surrounded by people who love you, and may there be peace, joy, and kindness. And most importantly, lots of travel and fun! 💚💙


Kind regards,


Paula Kovačić
editor-in-chief of portal


The publication was created as a result of the joint work of the editorial staff.

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