All the things Berat! 8 reasons you why should visit this historic city!

Located in the very heart of Albania on the Osum River, which has one of the most famous and beautiful canyons in Albania, but also in the entire Adria region, there is a truly special city steeped in history and culture. Often referred to as the “city of a thousand windows, this city is a true testament to the rich historical tapestry of this state.

Positioned at the foot of Tomorr Mountain and National Park, Berat represents Albanian pride with its stunning Ottoman architectural style, historical sites, culture, and religious harmony. The city is 2413 years old, and because of its heritage, it is included in the UNESCO list!


Whether you’re a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply a curious traveler, here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit this enchanting city.


Berat, Photo: filipkubala Depositphoto




The most famous district, which you will surely recognize from photos of Berat, is Mangalem. This district is the reason why Berat is known as the “city with a thousand windows, and its architecture most representatively depicts the Ottoman period. Most buildings in Mangalem date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and some still have their original furnishings from that era.

In this neighborhood, you can walk through the narrow streets, visit the Bachelor’s Mosque, admire the river Osum, or try traditional recipes in the surrounding restaurants!


Mangalem, Berat, Photo: rossandhelen Depositphotos



Located in the center of Berat, the Gorica bridge is one of the main symbols of this city. Besides being one of the most beautiful and oldest bridges in Albania, Gorica is one of the few that survived from that time. It was built sometime in the 18th century by Ahmet Kurt Pasha, the founder of Pashalik of Berat, and is still used today.

It also hides an interesting legend behind it.


Gorica bridge, Gashi Bujar, CC BY-SA 4.0  



Built sometime in the 4th century BC, Berat Castle is a real historical gem of the city. With a view that many castles can only dream of, it is certainly one of the most beautiful in all of Albania! It changed over the centuries, and this present-day appearance was acquired both during the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

Within its walls, there are as many as 9 churches, the most famous of which is the Church of the Holy Trinity, two mosques, the Red and the White, and even two churches located at the foot of the castle.


Berat castle, Photo: RKuljovska, Depositphotos



The Church of St. Michael is one of the two churches located at the foot of the castle, and in terms of beauty, it stands side by side with the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Built on a rock in the 14th century, it is real proof of the mastery of stone carving from the Byzantine period.


Church of St. Michael, Berat, Photo: Elenaferns-photo, Depositphotos



If you want to learn more about Albanian and Berat heritage, you must not miss their ethnographic museum.

It is located on top of a hill above Mangalem in a traditional house from the 18th century and has as many as 1400 artifacts.


Berat Ethnographic Museum, Photo: Jason Rogers, CC BY 2.0



Walk through the historical part of Berat and explore the mosque of Sultan Bayezid II, known as the King’s Mosque, which was built several times over 4 centuries. Of course, don’t miss Helveti Tekke from the 15th century and the Dervish Inn, which was also built by Ahmet Kurt Pasha.


Helveti Tekke, Photo: Decius, CC BY-SA 3.0



For those looking for peace near Berat, the village of Roshnik is located at the foot of Tomorr. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, forests, rocks, a lake, a canyon, and a river.

There are agricultural and family farms in the village, so be sure to try their delicacies and wine!





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8. Bogova Waterfall

Located in the small village of Bogova, after which both the nature park and the waterfall are named, there is a magical turquoise waterfall hidden in the very canyon of the Osum River at the foot of Mount Tomorr.

Bogova Waterfall is considered one of the most popular excursions in Berat.


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Bogova waterfall, Photo: Abenteuer Albanien, Unsplash



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