An unusual story about the exceptional ecological wines of Chresno, which eagerly await you at the tastings in the Grič Tunnel!

In the heart of the green hills of Podravina and Bilogora, where the scent of vines mixes with the breeze, a very unusual story is born – the story of Chresno wines.


Chresno Vineyards, Photo CV


Miroslav and Ivona Slaviček did not follow the beaten path of their ancestors. Instead, they boldly stepped into new horizons, determined to create something unique.


They are not only lovers of what they do, but also dreamers who have decided to turn their dreams into reality. And very successfully!


Chresno Vineyards, Photo CV


Chresno wines are a completely new vision because the Slaviček family chose a location for planting vines that had never been there before. They chose grape varieties that were unknown in their area decided on ecological production and planted 17,000 vines in harmony with nature.


Chresno [Čresno] is the medieval name of Mala Črešnjevica, where the vineyard site is located, near the highest peak of Bilogora.


The vineyards of Chresno are adorned with classics such as Traminac Fragrant, White and Yellow Muscat, Rhine Riesling, Zeleni Silvanc, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as hybrid PIWI varieties – Solaris, Muscaris, Cabernet Blanc and Cabernet Cortis.


Chresno wines, Photo CV


And here is what you will have the opportunity to taste from the range of exceptional ecological wines at ZAGREB UNDERGROUND from April 12 to 14 in the Grič Tunnel. Of course, if you get tickets in time in the EVENTIM system, of which there are fewer and fewer.

  • SOLARIS, vintage 2021. Ecological wine, HR-EKO-07,
  • CABERNET CORTIS ROSE, vintage 2021. Organic wine, HR-EKO-07,
  • MERLOT RED, vintage 2021. Organic wine, HR-EKO-07,
  • Wine MUSCARIS, vintage 2021. Ecological wine, HR-EKO-07,
  • RHINE RIESLING, vintage 2021. Organic wine, HR-EKO-07,
  • WHITE MUSKAT, vintage 2021. Organic wine, HR-EKO-07


Chresno wines, Photo CV







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