Apartment Arya: an oasis only 20 minutes from Plitvice Lakes!

For days I have been thinking about how I will spend this weekend, like many others, actively in Lika. I was only interested in where I could visit without having been or tried something delicious. Word by word, I enter ‘Korenica apartments’ on Booking, and at first, I come across this oasis in the heart of Korenica, apartment Arya.

It was the best decision, so I will share it with you!



Korenica, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


I have to say right away that the hostess won me over right away! Namely, the communication with Mrs. Milena was wonderful and fast, and when I arrived at the apartment, this warm and kind woman welcomed me like her own daughter. She was very happy to help me with things, and offered juice, coffee, tea, or something short (as if she knew who she was dealing with, haha).

Immediately from the door, I was blown away by the smell of freshness that spread throughout the apartment, not to mention the bed linen! I couldn’t wait to snuggle under it! But, of course, as a true cleanliness freak, I peeked into every corner of the apartment. And to be honest, I didn’t find a single speck anywhere!


Apartment Arya, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


Even though I’m not a smoker, I was pleased by the fact that the apartment has a terrace so that I could enjoy nature and fresh air all day. However, if you happen to be a smoker and head to the apartment Arya in the winter months, know that there is a corner for you in the closed part of the house.

The capacity is for four, however, it’s not bad to go alone to get a little rest from everyone and everything!


Apartment Arya, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


The apartment was equipped with a large kitchen, comfortable couches, and beds, TV, towels, a hairdryer, blankets, board games for the youngest, maps and promo materials of the surrounding sights, as well as, sweets and homemade welcome juice. The Internet is so fast that you can hack the cameras of the White House in Washington, and the decoration is just right, in harmony with nature!



What I liked the most was that I felt like at home with the hostess Milena and in her apartment Arya. That peace, the warmth of the home, the smell of nature, her kindness, and, above all, impeccable cleanliness, made the stay special.

Milena also makes handicrafts that you can buy on the spot. Some of them are handmade framed works, and without them, I could not leave the apartment. If you are looking for a real unique souvenir or memory from Lika‘s travels, then this is the right thing to get!

I wanted to say that it wouldn’t be bad for the younger population to wander into these parts either, because Udbina is also nearby, and there is still a real homely atmosphere for going out. But what is the nightlife like in Lika, you will have to check for yourself!


Handicrafts, Apartment Arya, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


One of the good circumstances is that the apartment is in the heart of Korenica, so you don’t need much to get to the most important attractions. In just 20 minutes you are at the beautiful and beloved Plitvice Lakes, in 100 km in Zadar, and in an hour’s work in Vrhovina.

Of course, I had to go there! Namely, to a new brutal location: Zipline Pazi Medo in Vrhovine, where I embarked on a real adrenaline adventure. They tie you up, fasten you well, and you sign the agreement that you go on your responsibility and adventure may begin. I, like any curious being, turned my head around the whole time to see all the charms during the descent.


Zipline Pazi Medo, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


The whole adventure lasts about 1 minute and 35 seconds, and you can take a GoPro camera to have a good shot for Instagram or a video for relatives who will call you bena ( a nickname for a crazy person prone to mischief and making up). The only thing I was afraid of was that I would get sick because I ate such good homemade cakes at the housekeeper Milena’s.

In addition to the Zipline tour, be sure to stop by Big Bear Plitvice in Vrhovine for food, or on the way back to the apartment Arya for ćevapi at Babić’s! They even made me start eating meat after a long time, and they are delicious!


Big Bear Vrhovina, Photo: Jelena Mirić, Adria.fun


And as always, I talk too much… I wouldn’t add anything more except that you check the location yourself, visit everything nearby, and sleep in the softest bed at the apartment Arya.

Maybe in a few days, that opportunity will open up for you! 😉





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