Are you kidding me? It’s actually possible to cycle and kayak underground?

This is really a new dimension of adrenaline experience. Can you even imagine going underground to cycle or kayak down the abandoned tunnels of a more than 350-year-old lead and zinc mine that has completely preserved its authenticity?

No, I’m not kidding. Here’s proof that it’s really possible.



Underground cycling in the Pece mine, Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik,


In the heart of Slovenian Carinthia ( slo. Koruška), below the Peca mountain, is the town of Mežica, the alpine, mining, and tourist center of the Meža Valley. There is also this ultra-fun Touristic Mine and Underground Museum of Peca.


In the past, Mežica was known as a mining center. The lead and zinc mine Mežica is one of the oldest mines in Europe, since the mineral wealth under Peca was allegedly exploited in the late Middle Ages, and the first official written sources date back to 1665.


Usually with mountain bikes, we enjoy climbing and descending mountains, but in Peca, you can ride through the mountain because a path through abandoned and mysterious mining tunnels was put in order.

With a guide, a helmet, and a flashlight, you can safely cycle five kilometers of a unique underground path from one valley to another and experience an unforgettable adventure. In addition to this safe trail, there is the Blackhole Trail, which is a trail for only the very advanced.



But that is not all. You can also kayak through submerged underground tunnels equipped with a helmet and a flashlight. First, you will ride a real mining train through the 3.5 km long Glančnik tunnel, then descend the stairs 95 meters below the water level.

In the changing room, the guide will give you the remaining protective equipment (boots-pants made of neoprene and a jacket), and then you continue your journey towards the kayaks that are waiting for you almost 700 meters below the surface of the earth. 🙂


Underground kayaking in the Pece mine, Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik,


After exploring the underground labyrinth, sunken tunnels, and excavations, you will return to the starting point through a narrow tunnel and over a small rapid, and you will walk back to the mining train station. Before leaving the mine, you will refresh yourself with a good miner’s lunch “knapovka”.



If you don’t want to go down by bike or kayak, you can just ride the mining train and have fun in the adrenaline park or the museum. Everything sounds so fun!


Underground cycling in the Pece mine, Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik,


And now is the time to talk about the prices of the tour of the Tourist Mine and Peca Underground Museum!

A tour of the mine by train alone is 20 euros for adults and 35 euros by bicycle. The Blackhole track is more expensive and costs 55 euros, but as I wrote, it’s not for everyone!

And if you go on an underground kayak trip, the price is 55 euros, which includes a miner’s lunch and a train ride. There is something for everyone.






I do miracles right away, but the impossible still takes me a little time!

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