Attend the festive harvest of Stara trta, the oldest vine in the world

One of the first articles we ever wrote on Adria Fun was the one about the oldest vine in the world. This 450-year-old vine is located in Maribor and its story fascinates everyone in Slovenia and around the world. 


To acknowledge how important Stara trta is, a festive event of its harvest takes place every year. And so it will happen this year as well on October 1st.



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The harvest of Stara Trta starts with the mayor of Maribor tasting the first cut grape. If the grapes are ripe enough, the official harvest may begin. Once all the grapes have been harvested by gatherers from Šompetra, they weigh it, measure the sugar content, grind, press, pour it into containers, and hand it over to Meranovo Estate which continues to take care of it.

At the end of the harvest, the last wooden basket of grapes symbolically meets with manure, as a thank you to Stara Trta for producing grapes all these years. Then the youngest grape gatherer puts on a single grape on a vine shoot so that the vine will drink its juice.


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Once the harvest is done, the entertainment program may begin. For this year organizers planned the performance of  Ana Bezjak and her band, and the Academic folklore group Student will take care of the atmosphere.

Besides the entertainment, visitors will get to explore stands from local vendors, try on many different homemade delicacies, and watch the crowning of the new Maribor Wine Queen 2023.


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The event will happen in front of Old Vine House and the program will start at 11 am. Hope to see you there! 🙂



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