Black Lake: Mountain eyes of Durmitor

Black Lake (mng. Crno Jezero), the mountain eyes of Durmitor, lies in the arms of the Montenegrin mountains at a height of 1,416 meters and the foot of the exceptional Međed peak (2,285 m/nm).

Only three kilometers from the town of Žabljak, this glacial lake is the star in the crown of the Durmitor region. Black Lake is the most famous and, at the same time, the largest of the 18 glacial lakes in the Durmitor National Park.



Black Lake, Photo: Oleg Doroshenko, Dreamstime


Two lakes, Veliko (Big) and Malo (Little), are connected by a narrow stream, forming two separate bodies of water. The Big Lake has a maximum depth of 24.5 meters and reaches a maximum length of 855, while the Small Lake is much deeper and its a maximum length is 605.

Surrounded by dense forests of black Durmitor pine, the lake reflects the massif of Durmitor, giving it an indescribable shade of black. The dark depths of the lake, primarily the Small, whose bottom reaches depths of up to 50 meters, contribute to its name.



During the long and harsh Durmitor winters, the lake is covered with ice almost all the time, and then its beauty remains hidden under deep snow.

According to legend, the Black Lake was created by Saint Sava to punish disobedient monks who did not adhere to church canons.

In the spring, when the snow starts to melt from the surrounding mountains, and when the Čelina spring and Mlinski stream work with all their might, the clear mountain water fills the waters of the Small Lake, which then overflows into the Big Lake.


Black Lake, Photo: Yves G, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED


In the summer, the water level of the lake can drop up to 5 meters, and then the waters from the Big Lake return to the Little Lake. Water in the lake also warms up to the joy of numerous bathers who do not miss the opportunity to dive into the dark waters of the Black Lake.

For those less brave, there is a 3.5 km long hiking trail around the lake, full of places where you can enjoy the fairytale scenery of the lake.






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