An unmissable fortress next to one of the most beautiful springs in Bosnia and Herzegovina that few people get to!

Perched 310 meters above sea level, atop a slightly inaccessible karst hill overlooking one of Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s prominent attractions, Blagaj Tekke, and the Buna River spring, lies a mystical fortress often overlooked by many.

The Blagaj fortress, also known as Stjepangrad and Old Town Blagaj, received its name after Duke Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, a significant figure in the medieval Bosnian state. Positioned precisely 266 meters above the Buna source, this fortress stands as a historical gem in the region.


Thanks to this fortress and medieval city Herzegovina was born.


Blagaj Fortress, Photo: MaGa, CC BY 3.0


Came to exist in the early Illyrian period, Blagaj fortress had several stages of fortifications throughout the years. Visible changes were found in the Roman and Ottoman periods as well.

The city we recognize today emerged much later, in the 10th century, built upon the remnants of the ancient Roman walls. This area evolved into the central hub of the Hum region, with Stjepangrad holding significant importance as one of the key properties of the Kosač family.


Blagaj Fortress, Photo: Croatia Tips, Pixabay


In 1473, during the Ottoman Empire‘s conquest of the fortress, Blagaj fortress was transformed. Once a defensive stronghold, it evolved into the residence and administrative center also known as kadija, serving judicial and administrative functions.

It was finally abandoned in 1835. after the huge earthquake.


Blagaj Fortress, Photo: MaGa, CC BY 3.0


The archaeological research of the fortress carried out in 1965 under the supervision of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina found numerous objects, about 700 kg of lead, and a lot of ceramics, which confirm the diverse inhabitants of this fortress.


Blagaj Fortress, Photo: Tarik Mulalić, Unsplash


Today, the Blagaj fortress, overshadowed by its more famous neighbor downhill, often goes unnoticed. Despite being somewhat neglected, it boasts a rich history and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding region, making it a worthwhile visit for those interested in historical sites and stunning landscapes.

If you do find yourself in the area, make sure to visit it as well.






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