Bled Castle: The oldest and most beautiful fortress in Slovenia

Imagine standing on top of a cliff, overlooking a crystal clear lake, surrounded by mountains and forests. You are only a few steps away from the historic castle with a thousand-year history. 🙂

Welcome to Bled Castle, the oldest and most beautiful castle in Slovenia, whose history dates back to the 11th century.



Bled Castle, Photo Mirko Kunšič,


Located 130 meters above Lake Bled, Bled Castle is not only a historical monument but also a place that brings history to life. Every stone, every wall, every room tells a story. Every part of the castle exudes history and culture from the Romanesque tower to the Renaissance buildings.


Bled Castle, Photo: Mediaspeed, Vid Rotar,


But Bled Castle is not only for history lovers. Enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Bled from the upper courtyard, admire the illusionistic frescoes in the 16th-century chapel, or explore the museum collections depicting the history of Bled.


The best accommodation in Bled can be found at Hotel Triglav.


If you are looking for an adventure, Bled Castle offers many activities that are closely related to the castle’s traditions.



Bled Castle, Photo: Tomáš Malík, Unsplash


Here are some other things you can do during your visit to Bled Castle:

  • A bottle of your wine: In the cellar of the castle, you can fill a bottle with your wine and seal it with wax.
  • Castle restaurant: Enjoy a meal in the castle restaurant, which offers an exceptional view.
  • Exhibitions:  View the current exhibition in the gallery.
  • Visit the room dedicated to history: Visit the room dedicated to Arnold Rikli and the room dedicated to the museums in Gorenjska.
  • Printing house: The castle has a reconstruction of Gutenberg’s wooden printing press where a master printer demonstrates old printing techniques.
  • Wine tasting: You can taste wine in the cellar of the castle.
  • Forge: The castle has a forge where you can see how traditional metal objects are made.






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