Why is Lake Bohinj one of the most famous destinations in Slovenia?

Nestled in the heart of Triglav National Park, squeezed between the steep slopes of the surrounding hills and green pastures, Lake Bohinj stands as a symbol of natural wonder and richness. It is the largest natural lake in Slovenia, attracting tremendous numbers of tourists and locals throughout the year who wish to revel in its impeccable beauty.

Lake Bohinj has captured the hearts of many. However, a question lingers: What exactly has propelled Lake Bohinj to such fame that everyone eagerly rushes to witness its splendor before exploring the rest of Slovenia?



1.  Natural Beauty

Situated at 526 meters above sea level, the foremost reason for Lake Bohinj’s fame lies in its natural splendor. Enveloped by majestic mountains, the lake presents awe-inspiring views, a tranquil atmosphere, emerald-green waters, and picturesque backdrops.

The lake is of glacial-tectonic origin, and the main tributary of the lake is the river Savica.



2. Its Size and Depth

As the largest natural lake in Slovenia, Lake Bohinj stretches across 4,100 meters in length and 1,200 meters in width. In comparison to the renowned Lake Bled, Bohinj boasts a size nearly twice as large, with an average depth of around 30 meters, reaching up to 45 meters in certain areas. The sheer magnitude of its dimensions undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on visitors in search of natural wonders.

 The total area is 318 hectares.


Lake Bohinj, Photo: Archive Tourism Bohinj – www.slovenia.info


3. Outdoor Activities

Besides its natural beauty and impressive size, Lake Bohinj offers a variety of activity opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is ideal for all kinds of water sports – from swimming, rowing, sailing, surfing, kayaking or canoeing, fishing, diving, and ice skating in winter.  The surrounding Triglav National Park additionally provides visitors with numerous hiking and walking trails where they can enjoy a relaxing walk.

Of course, for romantics, there is also a beautiful boat ride.

In summer, the temperature of the lake rises to a pleasant 23 º C


Lake Bohinj, Photo: Andrew Mayovskyy, Depositphotos


4. Cultural, Historical, and Mystical Sites

Besides the hotels and apartments which currently surround the lake. the area around Lake Bohinj and the settlements such as Ribčev Laz and Stara Fužina boasts cultural significance. The Church of St. John the Baptist, located near the lake, is a well-known church from the 13th century and it brings to the cultural heritage value of the area.  Furthermore, these settlements have preserved traditional Alpine architecture, adding to the charm of the region.

Adding to the attractiveness, the area is intertwined with the famous MYTH ABOUT GoldenHorn (slo. Zlatorog), whose statue stands prominently by the lakeside.


Lake Bohinj, Photo: Kavita, Depositphotos


5. Triglav National Park

Known for its diverse flora and fauna, alpine landscapes, the stunning Seven Lakes Valley, and the iconic Triglav mountain, this only national park in Slovenia is like a paradise for nature lovers.
Lake Bohinj adds to its value and serves as a gateway to explore the national park and its natural beauty.


Triglav, Photo: GunterN, Depositphotos


Of course, let’s not forget about the food in one of the local inns and the magnificent Savica waterfall.




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