Boka is the largest and most magical waterfall in Slovenia! The path to it is only for experienced!

In the very northwest part of Slovenia, the Soča River is the master of the Tolmin region, but it isn’t all alone. On the right bank of the river, near the Žaga settlement, about 15 kilometers from Kobarid and Kozjak waterfall, you will find one of its kind, a magical and the biggest waterfall in Slovenia.


Within Triglav National Park and right under the mysterious Kanin mountains, which separate Soča from Italian Resia Valley, the Boka waterfall falls from the karst spring in two stages.



Boka waterfall, Photo: Alexander Uhrin, Dreamstime


The Boka stream primarily springs from the cave and then steeply, over the waterfall, falls as much as 106 meters from the first stage and 33 meters from the second. Its most lush period is, of course, in the spring when the snow melts and in the fall due to heavy rains. At that time, the water flow can reach up to 100 cubic meters per second, and in the rest of the year, it amounts to only 2 cubic meters per second. After the fall, it then flows towards the river Soča, and only for 1 kilometer.

The water temperature is around 4°C throughout the year.



If you want to see this beautiful picturesque waterfall up close, then we have to remind you that the path to it is only for experienced hikers. It is very steep and requires appropriate equipment, but we believe it is worth every second!

Those who are not interested in going that far can enjoy the view from the viewpoint at the Boka Waterfall parking lot, which you can find on the map below. There is no entrance fee.





Peace, love and music! ☮️

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