Bukumirsko lake: a gem full of legends at 1440 meters above sea level

Montenegro, a country known for its beautiful Adriatic coast, rugged mountains, and charming cities, is a true treasure for adventurers and seekers of hidden gems. While places like Kotor, Budva, and Durmitor National Park often attract attention, there are countless lesser-known destinations all over the place just waiting to be discovered. One such gem is located at 1,440 meters above sea level in the Kučke Mountains.


In a world where traveling means visiting Instagram-famous locations, it is increasingly attractive to seek out destinations that offer a sense of solitude and authenticity, so Bukumirsko Lake is a real gem that provides numerous opportunities for travelers to venture off the beaten track and discover something new.



Bukumirsko lake, Photo: master78, Depositphotos


Located only an hour and a half drive from the capital Podgorica at 1,440 meters above sea level, Bukumirsko Lake covers an area of 19,320 m² and adorns this region surrounded by dense forests and high mountain peaks with its beauty.

With a maximum depth of 17 meters, this glacial lake tucked away in nature is a paradise for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the fresh air. Of course swimming as well!


Bukumirsko lake, Photo: master78, Depositphotos


Surrounded by mountain peaks such as Torač (1,875 masl), Treskavac (2,024 masl), Velji vrh (1,916 masl), Bigeze (1,979 masl) and Pasjak (2,052 masl), Bukumirsko Lake is also a favorite place for mountaineers, so if you visit it, you will meet those who are eager to stay next to it for a few days longer.

Although during the winter months, it is impossible to reach the lake by road due to the amount of snow, in the spring and summer, when the lake thaws, camping fans immediately rush to it and arrange rows of tents to spend their free time there.


Bukumirsko lake, Photo: master78, Depositphotos


In addition to its beauty, Bukumirsko Lake also hides numerous legends:

  • One says that the lake was named after the Bukumir tribe, which completely disappeared due to the fighting and extermination of the creatures from the lake.
  • Another legend says that the lake was ruled by demons who killed any young girl who came near the lake. The frightened locals prayed so much that God threw a red-hot stone into the lake, which then drove the demons out, and so that they would not return, another stone was prepared, which still stands by the lake today.
  • The third legend says that a tired traveler stopped in the plain between the mountains to rest. And as he was thirsty, he asked God for water, and water flowed from the stones. He fell asleep from fatigue, and when he woke up, a lake appeared before his eyes.


Bukumirsko lake, Photo: master78, Depositphotos


And finally, perhaps the most attractive aspect of Bukumirsko Lake is the feeling of untouched wilderness. Unlike more popular tourist destinations, this hidden gem remains free from the crowds and commercialization that often accompany mass tourism. Here visitors can experience the raw beauty of Montenegro in its purest form.


If you get the chance, definitely visit it, and of course bring your bathing suit, some sandwiches and refreshments with you.




Peace, love and music! ☮️

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