Buško Lake: a place for swimming, camping, and enjoying nature with high tourist potential

Did you know that after just a few kilometers ride from the Croatian border crossing Kamensko, and around 20 kilometers from Tomislavgrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can enjoy the scenic surroundings of one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe?


Buško Lake, locally known as Buško blato (mud) is an accumulation lake that was created in 1972 for the Orlovac hydroelectric power plant in the municipality of Ruda in Croatia. 



Busko lake, Photo: Drazen Boskic Dreamstime


Situated in Livno field (Livanjsko polje), the largest karst field in the world, Buško Lake has a surface of 55.8 km2 with a water volume of 782 million m3. Surrounded by Kamešnica, the lake is located at 716 m above sea level and has great panoramic views. It is also the largest lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Because of numerous sinkholes, Buško Lake, just like Cerknica Lake, recedes a little in seasons of drought. Also due to the hydroelectric plant, the lake has decreased in total volume over the years.



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Although it wasn’t planned, due to the shrinking of the lake, many beautiful beaches arose around the lake where locals and tourists, can enjoy a refreshing atmosphere and all kinds of different activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, and camping in the summer months.

The tourist offer is slowly expanding around the lake, and various types of accommodation are appearing. The area certainly has great potential for expansion.




Together with picturesque sunsets, and lovely landscape views, your social media feeds could be sparked by, what locals would call, the Prisoje “desert ” located right by the bridge in Prisoje village.  So cool right?




So what do you say? Will you be visiting it next summer, or maybe this winter? We heard it looks magical even when it’s frozen!



Peace, love and music! ☮️

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