Not sure where to go for the weekend, but you want spend time in nature? Then you must visit Cave park Grabovaca!

Croatian regions such as Lika and Gorski Kotar aren’t usually first on the list when arriving at this popular tourist destination. Many will usually head to the seaside and spend time at restaurants, clubs, and beaches. However, if you are in the group of those who are seeking adventures and spending time in nature, then we have a perfect place for you.


About an hour’s drive from Zadar or a 15-minute drive from the city of Gospić, in the municipality of Perušić, you can find a Cave park Grabovaca. This nature complex offers a whole series of experiences and values and is the only cave park in Europe.



Photo: Mario Paral


It is also worth mentioning that the municipality of Perušić has a lot to offer as well. From the Old Town Perušić which was first mentioned back in 1071., to the church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which was at some point turned into a mosque, and back to church again. Besides those two, you also have the opportunity to visit the ruins of the church of Saint Marco and hear more about the very special Theresian route. 


So what does this park have to offer? Here is a list of things you can do here!


1.  Check out SAMOGRAD CAVE

Samograd (name meaning: self-made) is the only speleological facility open to visitors and can only be entered with a guide. It’s about 345 m long and consists of 4 halls dedicated to bans or noble families. The temperature inside is about 8°C, so if you are looking to escape the heat in summer, this place is a perfect cooling spot.


2.  Visit Hobbit House and Fairyland

If you are a fan of mystical creatures such as fairies or the movie Hobbit then you have to check this out! This tiny little house is also decorated accordingly, and around itself is a beautiful botanical garden. See it for yourself!


Here is a better view of how the Hobbit house looks from the inside!



3. Play a match of PAINTBALL  or  score higher in Archery

Cave park Grabovaca, besides the cave and the adorable Hobbit house also offers all kinds of other activities. And one of those is paintball and archery!

Paintball match in the middle of the beautiful forest? Sounds great to me!

They offer two packages. The BASIC PACKAGE  for 6 matches costs €21 per person), or LIKA PAINTBALL which consists of  8 matches and costs €25 per person) + a welcome drink.


Paintball, Photo: Vanja Tarandek


4.  Enjoy bBQ by the River Lika or go Canoeing

After all the walking, exploring, and playing paintball, now it’s time to rest and grab a bite. In the resting spot by the river Lika, you will get to enjoy the sounds of river flow, do a BBQ, and catch the sun’s rays. Ahhh… isn’t that wonderful!



Besides all of these awesome activities, Cave Park Grabovaca offers much more.

From what we heard, they also plan special events for the holidays such as Christmas and Easter, and prepare great activities for children in the summer.

All I have to say at the end is, Cave Park Grabovaca, here I come!




I plan to live in the moment :)

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