Coffee drinking in Croatia! Idleness or part of the culture?!

The culture of drinking coffee in the lives of Croats varies, for some coffee is of vital importance, others approach it as a ritual, and supposedly, some will drink coffee just like that, for the sake of it. 🙂  For some, drinking coffee is their favorite way to wake up, and for some perfect act to spend their free time. It is enough for you to look in the cafes, at any time of any day.

You may not believe it, but most business meetings are held in cafes, also coffee is an invitation to socialize and not only to have meetings. 



Typical cafe in the middle of working hours, Photo:


The first coffee shop in Croatia was opened back in 1748 in Zagreb. The exact location is unknown, but it is believed to have been located somewhere near today’s Radićeva Street and was opened by the merchant Leopold Dun (Duhn). Apart from coffee, the cafe also served tea and hot chocolate.

Coffee soon became the favorite drink of the wealthier middle class, and between the two world wars, coffee became accessible to other social classes as well. In the second half of the 20th century, coffee shops appeared, and thus the concept of a coffee shop was transformed.


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In Croatia, the older population will more often go to neighborhood cafes on the outskirts of the city, while younger people will prefer going to cafes that are near schools, colleges, and the central part of the city. Traditionally, Croats most often drink espresso or Turkish coffee in larger cups.

Most people drink two coffees a day, usually in the morning, and sometimes with breakfast or lunch. Coffee is also drunk during breaks, whether it is in the morning or the afternoon, and slightly less is consumed in the evening.


Typical cafe in the middle of working hours, Photo:


Since the majority of consumers in Croatia prefer to drink coffee in coffee shops, which creates a perception of Croatian society as a society of coffee drinkers, if you are visiting this country, I recommend that you do the same. Croats like to sit for hours with a cup of coffee, so take some time for this ritual. Maybe some will consider it idleness, but Croats consider it a culture of drinking coffee.




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