Cukar in Komiža

If you want to eat something sweet on the island of Vis besides classic ice cream or cakes, you won’t find many places. However, to try something different you’ll have to go to Komiža to try something truly unique and unique. It is about the now-famous Cukar pastry shop.


Cukar, Photo:


Many who come to Komiža have already discovered that Cukar makes magical and unique cakes and pastries, and it’s not the first time for me either. I mean, what new and smart thing to say about a place that has a 5/5 on Tripadvisor! That creativity, imagination, and palette of colors and shapes is worth coming for! After all, take a look yourself!




This time I decided to test cakes that I had not tried before. First, the choice fell on wine cake and baklava!


Cukar, Wine cake and Baklava, Photo:


For the second round, I tried something more imaginative, Pokučera and Komiža carob cake.


Cukar, Pokučera and carob cake, Photo:


Pastry shop Cukar is worth every cent you pay for your selection of sweet delights because the desserts are excellent and imaginative, made from the highest quality ingredients, so I definitely recommend that you visit them.



I do miracles right away, but the impossible still takes me a little time!

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