December in Slovenia! Explore Ljubljana’s, Maribor’s, Kranj’s, Celje’s and Koper’s Christmas Markets

The most joyful month of the year will start any day now and of course, with it comes its essential part, which are the Christmas markets and the festive celebrations that accompany them. For those eager to delve into the Slovenian holiday spirit this year, we’ve curated a list of the five markets that are unquestionably worth a visit.


Among all the cities, the most impressive plans, as always, have been set by Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Celje, and Koper. So let’s get straight into it…




As anticipated, the capital city’s festival is set to be the largest and most impressive, and Ljubljana is no exception. This year’s December festival in Ljubljana will kick off on December 1st at Prešernov Square with the traditional lighting ceremony. Subsequently, the Christmas market will unfold, spanning across Breg, Gallusovo Nabrežje, Cankarjevo Nabrežje, Kongresni Trg, Prešernov Trg, Petkovškovo Nabrežje, Stritarjeva Ulica, Trg Francoske Revolucije, Pogačarjev Trg, and Ljubljana Castle.


In addition to the Christmas market, Ljubljana is set to kick off December with a series of creative workshops at the Magic Forest, a St. Nicholas procession at Krekov Trg square, and a delightful display of entertainment which includes concerts, street performances, and circus acts. For a detailed day-by-day itinerary throughout the month, you can explore the detailed plan provided by the Tourist Board of Ljubljana right here.


Christmas in Ljubljana, Photo: Dean Dubokovič,



One thing that Maribor is for sure famous for is the fact that no matter what the festivity it is about, it always vibrates the strongest. Exactly the same is expected in December as well. The Festive Maribor program, which will this year start on November 30th, will bring the best of the best from entertainment and joy. The lights will be lit in the late afternoon hours on Thursday the 30th of November followed by the opening of the Christmas fair and the start of the Panoramic Wheel.

In the days that follow, the program will become richer for numerous plays in Slovene National Theatre Maribor, the opening of the Fairy Town Festival and ARTish fair, the arrival of Grandfather Frost, and many more entertainments such as concerts and exhibitions. You can check out the full itinerary at the Maribor Tourist Board website here.




In charming Kranj, the December festivities kick off a few days later than in most cities across Slovenia. The delay is attributed to the celebration of the birthday of the most significant Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, on December 3rd, marking the commencement of the program titled Kranj’s Cheerful December. Both locals and visitors can anticipate a vibrant Christmas market, a tempting display of street food delights, 14 concerts, an ice rink, and an entertaining program for children.

The festivities will unfold on Post Street (Poštna ulica) and will extend from the 3rd to the 30th of December. You can find out all the details and day-to-day program here.



Christmas in Kranj, Photo: Matej Vranič,


The historical city of Celje will start its festive lights and its enchanting Christmas tale on December 2nd at 5 p.m., with Mayor Matija Kovač leading the way. Both visitors and locals are in for a treat with over 60 different events across 8 venues, including the Main Square and the Old Castle Celje. The program is expected to be filled with all sorts of regional delicacies and adventurous activities for children.

For a more detailed schedule, be sure to check out the website of the Tourist Board of Celje here.


Christmas in Celje, Photo: Matej Vranič,



In the southwestern part of Slovenia, infused with a touch of December magic, the Istrian city of Koper will kick off its Fantazima program on December 2nd. The lights will illuminate Tito Square as the Christmas market opens its doors. Additionally, Fantazima will enliven Boris Kidrič Street with the commencement of the St Nicholas Fair.

A warm and festive ambiance is set to envelop the small harbor, complemented by the opening of the ice rink and Santa’s Land. The Tourist Board of Koper has meticulously planned additional entertainment throughout the entire month, including weekends filled with concerts.


To view the whole program, visit their website here.



We hope that at least one out of five will be competing for this year’s European best Christmas market. See you there!



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