This is the most mysterious bunker in Slovenia! It is hidden deep underground!

The story of the bunkers in this area is always a story of the Cold War, Tito and Stalin, and their conflict in 1948. But I won’t bother you with that story, but the one about the mysterious bunker, which for years was a mystery to both the local population and visitors.


Kočevje, near the border with Croatia, has always been closed to the free movement of citizens due to the presence of military infrastructure, so it was also nicknamed the most mysterious part of Slovenia. It is not surprising, because Kočevje is a region with abundant forests. Lots of woods. And the best place to hide is in the forest. If you can do it, so can a bunker! But not just any bunker.



Kočevje, Photo: Mediaspeed, Jaka Arbutina,


Bunker Škrilj, next to the village of Škrilj, is located 72 meters deep below the surface, and it is separated from the outside world by a steel door weighing five tons, strong enough to withstand a nuclear attack! The bunker was built in 1957. and consists of a 600 m corridor and six underground rooms with water intake and two generators for the production of electricity, which were supposed to enable the survival of 30 comrades in the event of a nuclear attack. They could survive without external help for up to 100 days.


Communication hall, Bunker Jašek – Photo Media speed, Jaka Arbutina,


The Škrilj bunker has long been considered one of Slovenia’s best-kept secrets, and since 2017, organized groups have been able to tour the underground corridors. The forest around the village of Škrilj is still a closed military zone.


The bunker tour takes place only with prior notice and at a pre-arranged time. Access from the gathering place in Kočevska reka to the facility is only allowed with a guide. A family ticket costs 45 euros, and an individual ticket costs 18 euros. Find more information at this link.




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