Discover Mallorca: Sea, culture and endless fun

Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, is known for its beautiful nature, beaches, and tourist attractions. If you are hesitating to visit it as your next destination for rest and enjoyment, then you have to read a few of my suggestions on why you definitely should!


Here we are on the island of happiness

Palma de Mallorca: The capital and largest city on the island, Palma de Mallorca is famous for its beautiful cathedral, La Seu, which is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The city also offers a lively cultural scene, charming streets, restaurants, and shops.




Serra de Tramuntana: This mountain range in the western part of the island is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages such as Valldemosa and Deià, and many hiking trails make this region a paradise for nature lovers.


Caves of Drach (Cuevas del Drach): These spectacular caves are located on the east coast of the island. Inside them is the huge underground lake Martel, which is one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Visitors can enjoy a boat ride and the impressive cave formations.




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Valldemossa: This picturesque village in the Serra de Tramuntana is known for its romance and history. Valldemossa is home to many art galleries, museums, and beautiful old buildings. It is also known for its association with George Sand and Fryderyk Chopin, who spent time there.


Soller Tram: This traditional tram connects Palma de Mallorca and the village of Sóller. It is a tourist attraction itself, providing a magical journey through the picturesque landscapes and narrow streets of Sóller.



Palma Aquarium: This aquarium is located near Playa de Palma Beach, not far from the capital city of Palma. It is a modern complex that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the richness of the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea and other tropical regions. Palma Aquarium is divided into different sections, each focused on specific marine ecosystems.



Let’s Go Swimming…

Palma Beach (Playa de Palma): This beach stretches along the coast of the city of Palma de Mallorca and offers a wonderful view of the sea. A long sandy beach, a promenade along the coast, and many restaurants, bars, and shops make it a popular place for tourists.


Plaža Palma (Playa de Palma), Photo: Jelena Mirić,


Es Trenc Beach: This beach is considered one of the most beautiful on the island due to its white sand dunes and crystal clear sea. It is located on the south coast of the island and has a natural characteristic appearance.

Cala Agulla Beach: Located on the east coast of the island, this beach stands out for its beautiful surroundings with tall pine trees and a mountain backdrop. It offers a beautiful blue sea and a relaxing atmosphere.



Puerto Pollensa Beach: This beach is located in the north of the island and offers a beautiful view of the mountains and the sea. Surrounded by numerous restaurants and cafes, this beach is ideal for families and couples.

Cala Mondragó Beach: Part of the Mondragó Natural Park, this beach stands out for its untouched beauty. Surrounded by forest and natural rocks, this is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and natural environment.



This is going to be a good night…


BCM Planet Dance: Located in Magaluf, BCM Planet Dance is one of the biggest nightclubs on the island and often hosts famous DJs and performers. The club is known for its spectacular light and laser shows.

Magaluf: This is a famous summer resort on the southwestern part of the island, known for its lively nightlife. Magaluf is home to numerous clubs, bars, and clubs that attract young tourists looking for fun and dancing.



Tito’s Palma: This is another popular nightclub in Palma de Mallorca. Tito’s is a worldwide club that has become a symbol of nightlife on the island and is known for its glamorous ambiance and diverse music genres.

Café del Mar Mallorca: Located in Santa Ponsa, this café is known for its relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful sunset. Visitors can enjoy chill music while watching the sunset over the sea.

Luna Palma: Also one of the popular destinations for going out in Palma. It is located on top of a hill and has a view of the city.



A touch of fish, wine, and desserts

Paella: This is a classic Spanish dish consisting of rice cooked with vegetables, meat (such as chicken, lamb, or seafood), and spices such as saffron and pepper. In Mallorca, it is often made with seafood.


Paella, Photo: Jelena Mirić,


Sobrassada: This homemade pork sausage combines paprika and other spices, giving it a distinctive reddish color and spicy flavor. It is usually served with bread or as an addition to different dishes.

Tumbet: It is a local dish similar to the French ratatouille, consisting of layers of vegetables such as eggplant, peppers, and potatoes, often sprinkled with tomatoes and spices.

Arros Brut: This is a rice dish similar to paella, but richer and usually prepared for special occasions. Various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, mushrooms, and spices are added to the rice.

Coca de Trampó: This is a type of traditional thin-crust pie that is filled with ingredients such as peppers, tomatoes, onions, and olives.

Ensaimada: This is a famous dessert from the island, consisting of spirally twisted dough sprinkled with powdered sugar. It can be filled with different fillings such as cream, chocolate, or jam.



Traditional desserts: In addition to ensaimada, you will find other desserts in Mallorca such as buñuelos (fried doughnuts), robiols (sweet pies), and amargos (almond cakes).

Wines and liqueurs: Mallorca is famous for its vineyards and wine production. Try local wines and liqueurs such as hierbas (traditional herbal liqueur) and palo (dessert wine).


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