Discover the secrets of Lještanica by walking through the Vraneška valley

The river Lještanica, with its picturesque flow through the Vraneška valley, leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of the municipality of Bijelo Polje.

As the right tributary of the river Ljuboviđa, it gently sails through the idyllic village of Lijeska and with its swirls reaches its grandiose end, flowing into Ljuboviđa near Tomaševo, after traveling only 4.8 kilometers.




The biggest surge of water occurs at the beginning of May, when the snow cover from the surrounding mountains suddenly melts, feeding its flow. Even in the summer months, when the flow of water decreases, Lještanica still flows, although with less force, but even then it is big enough for an adventure through the picturesque landscape.


The upper part of Lještanica, known as Lještanska glava, exudes exceptional vividness, right from the source. The path leading to the spring offers an unforgettable view of a series of waterfalls and rapids. The terrain is easily accessible and is especially suitable for visitors from May to October.


Lještanska glava, Bijelo Polje, Photo: Dmrdak, CC BY-SA 4.0


Only a few hundred meters from the source is one of the most beautiful, but least-known waterfalls in Montenegro – the Skakala waterfall.

After the main waterfall, which is about ten meters high, there is a series of smaller ones, creating a spectacular display of nature. The total difference in height of the entire waterfall plot exceeds thirty meters.




Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.


Objavu dijeli vodopad skakalo 💧 (@ljestanica_)



And above the spring, as an invisible treasure, a cave with an underground lake is hidden, adding another layer of mystery to this already fairy-tale corner of nature.





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