Discover the universe together: weekend delight with your kids at Center Noordung!

If you’ve exhausted every idea to entertain your kids over the weekend and are in search of something new and refreshing that not only satisfies their adventurous minds but also introduces them to something new, you’re in the right place. We’ve discovered an incredible spot in Slovenia that we must share with you, providing an awesome experience for both kids and grown-ups alike.


Located in the small town of Vitanje in northeastern Slovenia, approximately 50 kilometers from Maribor, an hour from Ljubljana, or one hour and fifty minutes from Zagreb, Center Noordung awaits. A center at which your kids can embark on an exploration of space and various space technologies.



The distinctive Center Noordung, featuring its permanent exhibitions, offers an opportunity to delve into the artistic science of Cosmology. Within the center, you will be able to discover who Herman Potočnik Noordung was, gain insights into how our beautiful Earth is perceived from space, acquaint yourself with the solar system, explore the features of the Moon, and unravel the various mysteries concealed in space.

Moreover, you’ll have the chance to witness the involvement of Slovenian companies in the aerospace industry and explore their notable achievements.


Center Noordung, Photo: Igor Rosina


To enhance your experience and add an extra layer of excitement, Center Noordung goes beyond just informative exhibitions. Immerse yourself in a genuine space adventure through its Space 360° virtual reality concept, explore the cosmos with VR glasses, or even test the space flight simulator!

As you navigate the center, you’ll be accompanied by Vita, the first social humanoid robot, providing insights to help you better understand the exhibits and entertaining you with its impressive dance moves. How cool is that, right?



To grasp how astronauts control the equilibrium organ in the space station, you can experience it firsthand by sitting on a Barany chair, a training tool actually used in astronaut training.



Center Noordung, Photo: Igor Rosina


If you wish to visit the center, feel free to check out their working hours on the website here, and if you prefer a guided tour, make sure to book an appointment. Tours are currently available in Slovenian, German, and English.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to captivate your and your kids’ minds with a completely new adventure?




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