One of the largest in Europe! Karavasta Lagoon is a true oasis!

One of the largest Mediterranean lagoons is situated halfway from Durres to Vlore, on the shore of the Adriatic Sea Divjake Karavasta National Park, also known as Karavasta Lagoon is a beautiful coastal oasis spreading across 222 square kilometers and is filled with numerous wetlands, floodplains, estuaries, woodlands, reed beds, salt marshes, coastal meadows, and forests.

In addition to picturesque landscapes and landmarks, the park is one of the largest homes to a variety of birds and plants in Albania!



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Karvasta Lagoon, Photo: Saxanad Dreamstime


Being the largest lagoon in Albania, to protect the area as much as possible, it received recognition for its wetlands by the Ramsar Convention and BirdLife International for its bird habitat.  Just like Skadar Lake, Karavasta National Park is home to over 6% of  Europe’s population of the endangered Dalmatian Pelikan. 


In addition to the Pelikan and flamingos, Karvasta Lagoon is a perfect habitat for over 228 species of birds,  29 species of reptiles, and 29 species of amphibians (frogs, salamanders, axolotls…) In the forests surrounding the park, you can also come across 25 species of mammals such as golden jackals, red foxes, otters, and roe deer.


Dalmatian Pelikan, Photo: Saxanad Dreamstime


What’s also very significant for Divjake Karavasta National Park is its flora. Geographically speaking, the area run by the Mediterranean climate is also expected to be rich in diverse plant life. The most common in the park is stone pine but also abundant in junipers, willows, oak, elm, and ash.  In dunes and near water, it is predominantly covered in grass.



Within the national park to complete a tourist offer of the area, although not so supported by environmentalists, you can also find a Divjaka resort, guest houses, and several restaurants where you can try local food.

In addition, there are several viewpoints, boat rides, old churches, and the Kulla tower from which you can enjoy the view of this magnificent area.


Kulla Tower, Photo: Saxanad Dreamstime


Karvasta Lagoon is a must place to visit in Albania, especially if you are close to Durres and Vlore. The park is free to enter and we are sure it is worth exploring it even deeper.


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