Do you know which river is the most winding in the world and in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Šujica is a sinkhole river in western Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has an interesting flow that has attracted the attention of many. It springs south of Kupreško polje at two springs, Mali and Veliki Stržanj. Its length is 48.5 kilometers.


Stržanj Gorge, Photo: IoannesII, CC BY-SA 4.0


This river meanders through Šujičko and Duvanjsko polje, flowing from north to south. At the very northern edge of the Duvanjsko polje, below the Malovan pass, the Šujica flows through the village of Šujica and further south, where it eventually sinks into the village of Kovači. Publicist Zuko Džumhur even called Šujica the most winding river in the world.




Trout and grayling live in its clear and clean waters, as well as river crabs that live exclusively in clean waters. The existence of river crabs is a sign that the waters are unpolluted, and unfortunately, there are fewer of them, which adds to the importance and value of the river Šujica.

According to some sources, the river got its name from the fact that the tail of the river crab is popularly called šuja, hence Šujica.


Šujica River, Photo: IoannesII, CC BY-SA 3.0


In the central part of the Šujičko polje above the river, the Galečka Ćuprija (stone bridge), or Roman bridge was built. It is estimated that the bridge was built in the first century, that is, that it is over 2,000 years old and that it is an architectural work of the Romans who built the bridge to connect Salona, today’s Solin next to Split, with the interior of the then province of Dalmatia.


Roman bridge (Galečka ćuprija) on the river Šujica, Photo: Brian Eager, CC BY 2.0 DEED


This river has its own story, and its curves and beautiful landscape are certainly an inspiration for many. Šujica is one of the natural pearls of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its springs and flow offer a special experience to all who visit it.




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