Don Pepe: a combination of nice atmosphere and great drinks at the beach of Durres

In one of many articles we wrote about Albania, we mentioned that we paid a visit to Durres, a beautiful coastal city that reminded us of Italy so much we had to give it the nickname “Little Italy”.


Honestly, all of our first impressions of Albania and every city and place we have been to were great. We were mostly shocked by comments and reviews people had about Albania prior to our departure so we made sure to check as much as possible in the little time we had. Of course, bars and restaurants were included.



That same afternoon upon our arrival to Durres, we didn’t have an opportunity to go to the beach, so the next day, we obviously rushed as fast as possibly we could. We chose to drive to the southern part of the beach of Durres, where Lumi Durresit connects to the Adriatic.

There, at the Durres beach, one particular beach bar called Don Pepe by Martiness grabbed our attention and while some members of Adria fun team decided to go for a swim, some decided to go for a much-needed relaxing coffee break.


Don Pepe by Martiness, Photo:


As it was midday, the beach, and the bar were pretty crowded at that time, so finding an empty spot under the shade or available waiter wasn’t so easy. Especially as the same bar serves the tanning beds area and the deck.  The first impression was great! The bar was incredibly designed, and it did feel like you entered a higher-class area. It was screaming fancy with a touch of beach vibe. Pretty cool I would say..



The entrance to the beach bar from the street side made it feel like entering a tropical oasis!


Don Pepe by Martiness, Photo:


What’s cool about it is that the bar is divided into three parts, one is around the bar, the next one is on the right-hand side where you can sit on beach bean bags and of course, the tanning beds at the beach itself. Fun area to spend time at throughout the whole day and night.


Don Pepe by Martiness, Photo:


When it comes to the pricing, the coffee was around 1.5 euros (150 lek)  which is a pretty good deal if you ask me, and the beer, like always, was a little bit more expensive but it is a pretty normal price across the whole Albania, around 4 euros (400 lek) for a half a liter. The sparking water was 1 euro.


Don Pepe by Martiness, Photo:


From our experience, Don Pepe was a good pick and it is approved! 😀





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