This is what the world looks like under the surface of the Adriatic Sea! It’s truly mesmerizing!

The Adriatic Sea hides many secrets beneath its surface. Among the most fascinating are sunken ships that have become a real magnet for divers and lovers of the underwater world.

In this article, we explore the locations of some of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea.



  • Baron Gautsch, Istria: Near Pula, the 85-meter passenger ship Baron Gautsch has been welcoming divers ever since it took a wrong turn and ended up in a minefield in 1914. This ship ran a regular line between Trieste and Kotor and is locally known as the Little Titanic of the Adriatic.


Shipwreck Baron Gautsch, Photo: Marjan Radović, Croatian Tourist Board


  • Giuseppe Dezza, Istria: A few miles off Baron Gautsch, the bottom is graced by the Giuseppe Dezza, a 65-meter Italian warship bombed by British aircraft in 1944.



  • Peltastis, Kvarner: The Greek cargo ship Peltastis is another victim of the Adriatic storms, which sank near Silo on the island of Krk. Its mast is only 8 meters below the surface of the sea, so it is also suitable for beginners.


Peltastis shipwreck, Photo: Indux media, Croatian Tourist Board


Szent Istvan, Dalmatia: Szent Istvan, the pride of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, 152 meters long, sank in 1918 not far from Premuda and took 89 crew members with it. There is also a video of his sinking.




These wrecks, which were once proud floating structures, now lie on the seabed, providing a home to various sea creatures and creating unique underwater landscapes.

Regardless of whether you are a passionate diver or just a lover of history, I believe that these sunken ships will delight you with their beauty and mystery.



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