Escape to some other time is easily possible in the Ethno village of Stanišići

At the exit from Bijeljina, on the third kilometer towards the Pavlović bridge, there is the famous Ethno Selo Stanišići. It is a place outside of current time and space that will take you back in time and remind you of the simplicity of the former way of life.


Stanišići Ethno Village, Bijeljina, Photo: Joycedragan, Depositphotos


Ethno Selo Stanišići was founded in 2003, thanks to the inspiration of Boris Stanišić. For several years, he traveled through the villages of central Bosnia in search of old houses and objects, which will preserve the idea of a time and culture of living from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The result is an authentic mountain village in the middle of the Semberija plain.



Stanišići Ethno Village, Bijeljina, Photo goranvrhovac, Depositphotos


Two units can be distinguished in the village today. One depicts worldly life and is built of wood. It consists of wooden houses – log cabins with furniture that belonged to them for centuries. The houses are connected by paved stone paths, and there are two lakes in the center of the village.

The second unit is spiritual and is represented by medieval architecture built in stone, which is a set of replicas of historical and religious significance.


Ethno village of Stanišići, Bijeljina, Photo: cukugede, Depositphotos


You will find many things here: water mills, a dairy, a forge, a stone well, a stream mill… even Noah’s ark… The mill was built in 1937 and is still in use, as is the mill from 1917, which still grinds the flour for the scones that are served in the restaurant.


Stanišići Ethno Village, Bijeljina, Photo: Joycedragan, Depositphotos


Ethno village Stanišići also offers two hotels, a spa center, and several restaurants with authentic dishes, so there is truly something for everyone. Even a small amphitheater with 380 seats where they often have various shows.

Indeed an escape to some other time is easily possible in the Ethno village of Stanišići!





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