Exciting skiing in the unexplored Albanian mountains

The Accursed Mountains, better known as Prokletije (al. Bjeshkët e Nëmuna), is the southernmost part of the 1,000-kilometer-long mountain range of the Dinaric Alps (Dinaridis), which stretch from the northern part of Albania through the southern part of Kosovo and the northeastern part of Montenegro.


Heliski Albania, Photo: Christopher Bezamat


At the foot of the Albanian part of Prokletija, in the exceptional Valbona valley, the Heliski Albania base has been located since 2019. It is a team of mountain-loving professionals who share a passion for exploring new locations and bringing people to undiscovered and wild mountains to enable them to ski down magical snow slopes on rough and untrodden trails that can only be reached by helicopter.



Heliski Albania, Photo: Steffen Scholz


Prokletije are cruel but also magical, only 85 kilometers away from the warm southern Adriatic Sea but covered in so much snow on every peak, even in summer. There are many peaks higher than 2,500 meters, and some descents that Heliski Albania provides have a difference in height of more than 1,000 meters.


Heliski Albania, Photo: Christopher Bezamat


In addition to the peaks around the Valbona ValleyHeliski Albania also offers skiing from the Prokletije peaks around the Theth Valley, the Sylbica, and the Dobridol zone. A lot of attention is paid to safety, so all the guides are very experienced and have an IMFGA license.


Heliski Albania, Photo: Markus Rohrbacher


Snow stability and avalanche risk are checked daily. Prekletje is super preserved, and there is a lot of wildlife in the region. So far, they have encountered wolves and chamois, but not bears, which are plentiful in the region. They have no unpleasant experiences with them.


Heliski Albania, Photo: Rok Zalokar


The skiing season lasts 3-4 weeks, depending on how many lovers of this type of adrenaline have the desire to participate in (or repeat) this unforgettable experience, and every year it is extended more and more. Heliski Albania organizes skiing in small groups (4 skiers and a guide), and it is also possible to organize a private group.



All skiers are accommodated in the Margjeka Hotel in the Valbon Valley, where breakfast and dinner are organized for them, and depending on the location where skiing is taking place that day, it is possible to return by helicopter to the hotel for lunch, or they organize lunch packages and have lunch on top of the mountains.


Heliski Albania, Photo: Christopher Bezamat


If you are eager for excitement, unexplored mountains, hanging out with an experienced team of like-minded people, you have a decent amount of money and experience driving on rough terrain and deep snow, then it’s time to contact the team from Heliski Albania and start your lifetime adventure in the Albanian Alps.



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