Five reasons why to visit Ribnica!

Ribnica is a lovely little place in the south-east of Slovenia, about 50 kilometers from Ljubljana, located in the Bistrica river valley between Mala and Velika Gora.

The first reliable mention of Ribnica dates back to 1220, when this area was under the control of the Turjačan feudal family, i.e. as the Rewenicz manor.



Here are five reasons why you should visit Ribnica.


  • The tradition of making wooden objects: Ribnica is known for its long tradition of making wooden objects, known as “dry goods. The first written records of this craft date from the 14th century. Every year, on the first Sunday in September, a large fair of dry goods and pottery is held, and this year, for the 47th time, it will be held on September 1.





  • Handicraft Center: This handicraft center promotes traditional crafts of Ribnica, including the famous “dry goods” – wooden objects, so if you can’t get there during the fair, visit the center and see the exceptional art produced by human hands. The center also manages the Mikl House Gallery on the main square in Ribnica.



  • Ribnica Castle: In the center of the town there is a small castle with a beautifully landscaped garden. Ribnica Castle actually marks the well-preserved remains of a much larger castle that burned down during World War II. Inside the castle, there is also a craft museum that highlights local traditional crafts and history as well as the fight against witchcraft.


Ribnica Castle, Photo: Dudlajzov, Depositphotos


  • Church of St. Stephen: This magnificent church was built between 1865 and 1868 and has a double bell tower that was completed only after 1957 based on the idea of architect Jože Plečnik.


Church of St. Stephen, Ribnica, Photo: Sl-Ziga, CC BY-SA 3.0


  • French bridge: It got its name during the Illyrian provinces. They were groups of French territories in the Balkans that existed from 1809 to 1813, during the time of Napoleon BonaparteTherefore, it is assumed that the bridge was given a French name because of its connection with this historical period. Ribnica has several interesting bridges that are worth your attention!


French bridge, Ribnica, Photo: Dudlajzov, Depositphotos


Ribnica is the right place for all culture, history, and traditional crafts lovers. It is definitely worth a visit!






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