Five reasons why you should visit and enjoy Dhërmi!

Dhermi (al. Dhërmi) is a charming little village located at an altitude of 200 meters between the Ceraunian mountains and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, along the beautiful Albanian Riviera.

Dhermi is located approximately 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlora and approximately 42 kilometers north of the southern city of Saranda.


Exploring the surroundings, we found at least five good reasons why you should plan a visit to this place this year.


Dhermi panorama, Albania, Photo: Tomasadzke, Depositphotos


  • Exploring pristine beaches: Dhermi stood out primarily for its beautiful coastline. The beaches used to be accessible only to the local population and without facilities, but in the last 20 years, they have changed dramatically and now offer hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. The most beautiful beaches are Drymades and the one in Gjipe Bay.


Dhermi, Albania, Gjipe Beach, Photo: Wirestock_creators, Depositphotos


  • Visiting churches and monasteries in Dhermi: Although not a large village, Dhermi and its surroundings are home to more than thirty churches, some of which are worth visiting for their monumental, ethnographic, aesthetic, and historical value. The monastery and church of St. Mary (also known as Panagia Monastery) attract attention on the top of the hill.


Dhermi panorama, Albania, Photo: Ollirg06, Depositphotos


  • Cultural Heritage: Himara Fort is a historical landmark located in Himara, near Dhermi, and you can walk 2.5 kilometers from the center of Himara to get to it and enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings.



  • Local cuisine and scene: Local restaurants serve delicious Mediterranean cuisine and deserve your visit, and Dhermi is also known for its lively music and art scene that you can explore.


Dhermi, Albania, Photo: Lukaszimilena, Depositphotos


  • Path of the mills: Walking along the path of the old mills is a must-see. The name comes from the 7 mills that were found during the construction of the trail. You follow the route along the fast stream, in the shade of tall trees with the chirping of birds, and observe the path that connects the village houses with the blue of the sea. As you walk along the path, history accompanies you at every step, you can see two ancient churches, a picturesque waterfall, the rails of the first hydroelectric power plant ever built in Albanian villages, old mills, and other attractive places.



There are other good reasons to visit Dhermi, but you have to discover something yourself. If you decide to do so, remember us and share your impressions with us! 🙂





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