Five reasons why you should visit Livno!

Livno is a small town with a rich history, located in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina at an altitude of 730 meters and around a hundred kilometers from Split.

In addition to the rich history, which is evidenced by numerous sights in the city, Livno, and its surroundings are full of beautiful natural phenomena. Here are five strong reasons to visit!





In Livno you can enjoy the beautiful nature, and the free wild/semi-wild horses that live near the town stand out in particular. So, without any permits, you can look at these horses, take pictures of them, feed them, and thus make friends with them. The number of horses is increasing year by year, currently, there are around one hundred and fifty of them and they mostly move together.



Livno is also known for its rivers, mountains, and lakes. Bistrica, Žabljak, and Sturba are three rivers that flow through Livno. Bistrica, which springs from Duman, is a source that will delight you.

The river flows through the city, with a promenade next to it. Žabljak and Sturba are two rivers a little further from the city center, but no less beautiful. Sturba has long been a favorite summer swimming spot of most Livnjaks.


Source of the Bistrica River, Duman, Photo: Brian Eager, CC BY 2.0 DEED



If you prefer hiking, Livno will not let you down. Cincar, Kamešnica, and Tušnica are the names of the mountains around Livno. Cincar is the largest at 2,006 meters above the sea, and under this mountain, Livno wild horses mostly live. From numerous peaks, the view can be seen for kilometers around, so the pleasure when you reach it is even greater.



There are also numerous religious buildings in Livno, such as the Church of All Saints and the Franciscan Museum. Within the complex of the largest mosque in the city, that of Hadži Ahmet Dukatar, also known as Glavica, there is the famous Livno clock tower. It was built when the Ottomans arrived in Livno.


Hadži Ahmet Dukatar Mosque with Clock Tower, Photo: Anto (talk), CC BY-SA 3.0



Bistrica or the Old Town Livno is the name of one of the first urban units in the area of the present-day city of Livno. It is located under the rocky hill Bašajkovac, on which there are numerous towers such as the Klanac Tower, Teber Tower, Efrem Tower, and the most famous Veis Tower. You can explore them all on foot, starting from the source of the river Bistrica.


Veis tower, Livno, Photo: Brian Eager, CC BY 2.0 DEED


Now you have strong reasons to place Livno in your calendar in the coming period for your next research venture, and then brag to us about the good and unique photos you will take there! 🙂





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