Fly to Brussels for less than 50 euros

If you ever wanted to visit Belgium and its capital Brussels, here is your perfect chance! A great deal awaits you in October and November and they cost less than 50 euros!


However, before we give you all the flight details, let’s see what there is to do in Brussels.



Visit the Grand Place (Grote Markt)

Once you arrive in Brussels, the Grand Palace is the first thing you should head to. This square is the center of the city of Brussels and the most important tourist destination with lovely landmarks.

On this main square, you will find Baroque guild halls, the Flamboyant Town Hall, and the King’s House which also holds the Brussels City Museum. 


Grand Palace, Photo: Goi /Pixabay


Explore museums and parks

Brussels is very rich in museums and lovely parks. Make sure you check out the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, which also consist of the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art. The next on your list should be the Magritte Museum, dedicated to painter René Magritte. Additionally, you can check out the Musical Instruments Museum and Comic Strip Center.

From parks, you need to see Parc de Bruxelles, Parc du Cinquantenaire, Parc de Laeken-Royal Park, Egmont Park, and Bois de la Cambre. In case you didn’t know, Brussels has more than 250 green spaces, some are large and open parks and some are private, which makes this city one of the greenest in Europe!


Parc du Cinquantenaire, Photo: David Mark / Pixabay


Get to know European Institutions

Brussels, besides being the capital of Belgium is also the capital of the European Union, so make sure you pay a visit to European Institutions. By visiting the European Quarter, you will get to see the European Parliament and the European Commission.


European Quarter, Photo: Fabian Holtappels / Pixabay


Try Belgian Chocolate and Beer

While you are in Brussels, stop by one of the many iconic chocolate shops and pubs. You won’t regret it. Visiting the Belgian Brewers Museum also sounds like a great idea!


Chocolate shop, Photo: Ji-Sun Yoo / Pixabay


Indeed Brussels has a lot to offer. Besides the things we listed, there is a lot more to investigate in this beautiful city and its surrounding cities.

Now, in order for you to visit, we must share the flight details.



In October, from Zagreb to Brussels you can do a 5-day trip:

  • October 13 – 18 for 46 euros.  Find all the flight details here
  • October 25 – 30 for 44 euros. Find all the flight details here



In November, from Zagreb to Brussels you can do a 6-day trip:

  • November 11-17 for 39 euros. Find all the flight details here


In November, from Zagreb to Brussels you can do a 7-day trip:

  • November 10-17 for 36 euros. Find all the flight details here


Keep in mind that the price changes very quickly so better hurry up!


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