Klis Fortress is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia! Attract lovers of history, culture and nature

In the heart of Dalmatia, on top of a steep hill, you will find one of the most impressive fortresses in Croatia – Klis Fortress.

This monumental fortress, which rises above the city of Split, is not only a symbol of Croatian history but also the home of legends that shaped its identity.



Klis Fortress, Photo: mana5280, Unsplash


Klis Fortress, first mentioned in the 5th century, was a key point of defense during numerous wars. Its strategic position at the crossing from Split to Zagora and Bosnia made it the target of numerous battles. Over the centuries, the fortress has undergone numerous additions and renovations, but it has retained its original beauty and grandeur.


Klis Fortress, Photo: Piotr Musioł, Unsplash


However, what makes Klis Fortress special is the legend of the brave captain Petar Kružić. Kružić, known as the “Hero of Klis”, was the captain of the fortress and resisted Ottoman conquest attempts for decades.

His courage and determination in the defense of Klis became a symbol of resistance and the fight for freedom.


Klis Fortress, Photo: Pierre Selim, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED


One of the most famous stories about Petar Kružić is the duel between his servant Miloš Parižević and a Turk called Bakota. According to legend, Bakota challenged Klis defenders to a duel every day, mocking their cowardice. Parižević asked his commander to let him have a duel with the Turk, who was both taller and stronger than him. In this epic battle, Parižević still managed to defeat Bakota, thus defeating the defenders of Klis.


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Today, visitors of the Klis Fortress can explore its rich historical heritage and enjoy a beautiful view of Split and its surroundings.​


Klis Fortress, Photo: Sergei Gussev, Unsplash


Klis Fortress has become a popular tourist attraction, attracting lovers of history, culture, and nature from all over the world.



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