Fortica in Omiš has the most impressive views of the Cetina canyon, Šolta, Brač and Hvar!

In Omiš, where the Cetina River flows into the Adriatic Sea,  and where Corsairs of Almissa (Omiš pirates) ruled the waters, stands a fortress at the top of the cliffs above the Cetina canyon at the very end of the Omiš Dinara.

Believed to be built on the foundations of an ancient fort and part of the Oneum settlement, Starigrad-Fortica was first mentioned in 1448. from which the area of Cetina Canyon, Šolta, Brač, and Hvar was controlled.



Starigrad Fortress – Fortica, Omiš, Croatia, Photo: Noah Josue Unsplash


Being located 262 meters above the sea, Starigrad Fortress – Fortica was greatly strategically positioned, but the purpose for which it was made, was never fully fulfilled. Above all, it was supposed to be a place which is going to protect the area and be a hiding spot for the local people in the event of an attack. According to archeological findings, the fort was fixed more times than actually being used.

From 1473. all up until the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century, Starigrad fortress – Fortica, was renovated more than ten times, if not even more.


Starigrad Fortress – Fortica, Omiš, Croatia, Photo: Kris Martyn, CC BY-SA 4.0


The oldest part of the Starigrad fortressFortica is a square tower and a loophole on the ramparts in front of the tower, in addition, on the lower level there is a courtyard with houses, a water tank, and a chapel. The bastions on the north and east sides were added much later in the 16th century.



For you to enjoy one of the most impressive views in Croatia and reach Starigrad fortress – Fortica, you will have to reach Baučić by car and walk on macadam for approximately 20-30 minutes along the marked path. Please keep in mind that the fortress isn’t in its best condition so some safety measures should be practiced, especially when climbing the walls.



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