Get ready for the Drive-in Kino in Zagreb! Next two weekends great screenings await!

The closer we get to summer, the greater the chance that more and more events will be held right outside!

One of our favorite pastimes is certainly watching movies outdoors when your favorite movie is in front of you, and a billion stars above that make the projection even more romantic! But it doesn’t have to be only romance, you can also bring friends. Good company is always welcomed!


And where better than to enjoy excellent film screenings than in a drive-in cinema!


Drive In Kino Zagreb, Photo: Ivan Ulamec, HSA


What is even better is that this year, this most popular Drive In Kino (Drive In Cinema) in Croatia is located in a new and even more attractive location, namely the Borongaj Parking Market from April 20 and 21 and April 27 and 28, 2024, so that visitors are provided with a flawless experience.

It is the largest and most visited project of the Croatian Student Association (HSA), designed in 2013, based on the American tradition, which, with the screening of films in the open air, which takes place over four days over two consecutive weekends, brings a touch of the past and an almost forgotten way of entertainment to our region. 


Drive In Kino Zagreb, Photo: Marko Juric, HSA


The first weekend opens with a movie for the youngest; “Finding Nemo”, and in the spirit of the classics they continue the day after, with the film “The Devil Wears Prada”.

The second weekend of the project continues with the timeless Croatian film “The Priest’s Children”, and this year’s edition closes with the film “Fight Club”. In addition to the screening itself, an unforgettable accompanying program of general knowledge quizzes, stand-up comedy, workshops for children and food trucks is being prepared.

The manager of the Drive In Kino project, Tonka Budanko, emphasized that thanks to our sponsors, visitors were provided with free drinks, snacks, and gifts, as well as valuable prizes for the luckiest ones.


Drive In Kino Zagreb, Photo: Marko Juric, HSA


Year after year, the popularity of the project grows, so viewers of all ages come. The previous year saw more than 2,000 visitors and over 750 cars from which films were watched.

The entire project is led by students, and volunteers of the Croatian Student Association, who have been successfully providing a different movie-watching experience for 12 years.

Entrance is free for all visitors, and it is possible to arrive by car from 6 p.m. and take a seat in the comfortable lounge area, before the start of the screening at 9 p.m., relax with fun content starting at 8 p.m. organized by the project sponsor.





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