Get to know the basin of the intermittent Pivka Lakes! There are even 17 of them!

If you are very fond of researching Slovenia or you visit it often, then you must have heard somewhere about the fascinating intermittent lakes. Slovenia has several of them, and certainly the most famous one is in Cerknica. As we have already written about it, the time has come to introduce you to the basin of the Pivka River, which creates not one, but as many as 17 occasional Pivka lakes!


Lake Pal – Palško lake, Photo: archive of RRA Zeleni kras d.o.o.,


Located in the beautiful landscape of the city and the river Pivka, the basin of the Pivka lakes stretches through several villages, creating spectacular scenes during different seasons. These lakes are formed on a rocky terrace at the foot of Javornik and Snežnik, at an altitude of above 500 meters.


This unique landscape is surrounded by sinkholes and karst caves as well as vast green forests and meadows, and is a real paradise for nature lovers, offering endless opportunities to explore and enjoy untouched nature.


Petelinjsko lake, Photo: Andrej Udovič, archive of the Institute of Tourism Pivka,


All 17 Pivka lakes differ in size, altitude, depth, shape of the basin, and stages of appearance.

Lake Pal, located north of the village of Palčje, is the most famous and largest lake of all. Its surface is about 102 hectares, and the depth, which varies due to the water level, is usually between 10 and 20 meters.

The second largest lake is Petelinjsko Lake, located in the northeast near the village of Trnje. It extends over approximately 73 hectares and is where the water stays the longest.



In addition to Lake Pal and Petelinjsko, in the basins of the Pivka River there are numerous other lakes, each with its characteristics:


  • Šembijsko lake is the southernmost of them all.
  • Lake Bačko is filled with excess water from Lake Linen.
  • Laneno lake is located at the highest altitude of 570 meters.
  • Veliki dol is situated next to Kalec castle.
  • Kalsko lake, also known as Lake Kal.
  • Kljunov ribnik is the smallest lake, located along the Pivka River.
  • Malo and Veliko Zagorsko jezero lake form a pair of connected lakes.
  • Veliko Drskovško jezero lake is the third largest lake, and Malo Drskovško jezero lake is filled by it.
  • Parsko lake is filled with water from Malo Drškovsko jezero lake.
  • Radohovsko jezero lake is the only lake on the left side of the Pivka river bank.
  • Klenski and Krajnikov dol are two additional small lakes in this basin.
  • Jeredovce is the northernmost lake, located near the Poček military training ground.






Each of these lakes contributes to the unique beauty and diversity of the Pivka Lakes landscape, providing visitors with a rich experience of exploring and enjoying the natural wonders of this area.

You should visit them if you get the chance!






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