(Giveaway) Answer the question and spend a free weekend for two at the Orange Hotel in Sarajevo!

Your daily online guide for adventures, fun, leisure, and travel, the Adria.fun portal continues to reward you with valuable prizes this holiday season.


You don’t have to spend a single cent to participate in the ADVENT QUIZ because everything is free! 


In the first week, we rewarded NIKOLINA JERTEC with a free weekend for two at Hotel Triglav in Bled, and IVANKA IVAS with unique Adria fun suitcases.


In the second week of ADVENT QUIZMATEA BLAŽEVIĆ won a prize and will travel to the boutique hotel Božikovina in Podstrana for a free weekend for two people. 

Last week, the award was won again by a woman – LORETA REDENŠEK, who will spend a free weekend for two people at the Heritage Hotel Dunatovi dvori on the island of Ugljan.


IMPORTANT! Answers in comments on our social networks do not count and will not sign you up for this giveaway.


In this (fourth) week of the ADVENT QUIZ, you can win a free weekend for two people at the Orange Hotel in Sarajevo. 🙂


Hotel Orange Sarajevo


In the fourth round of ADVENT QUIZ, which lasts from 25.12. (Monday) until 29.12. (Friday), every day at eight in the morning, we will publish an article that you must read, and at the end of which you will find a simple quiz question with four offered answers. To make it easier to find the article with the quiz question, it will be marked on the cover image with a BALL and the number of the question! This week those are numbers 16 to 20.


The answer to the question can always be found in the text you read!

Answer the question correctly as soon as possible, fill in your information, and do so ALL five days a week! On Saturday, December 30, at 8:00 a.m., we will announce the name of the giveaway winner, who correctly answered all FIVE questions by choosing among the fastest competitors.


If you answer the question incorrectly, you can try again!


This week’s first article (ball 16) that participates in the ADVENT QUIZ is about the STOJČEVAC excursion site and is available at this link.
This week’s second article (ball 17) that participates in the ADVENT QUIZ is about Mount Trebević and is available at this link.
This week’s third article (ball 18) that participates in the ADVENT QUIZ is about sebilj and is available at this LINK.
This week’s fourth article (ball 19) that participates in the ADVENT QUIZ is about the Sarajevo clock tower and is available at this LINK.
This week’s FIFTH article (ball 20) that participates in the ADVENT QUIZ is about ROMAN BRIDGE and is available at this LINK.





ADVENT QUIZ  is a quiz of knowledge and speed, organized by the company Voice of media d.o.o. from Zagreb, Slavonska Avenija 24A, OIB: 87613723450, publisher of the Adria.fun portal, together with its business partners. By participating in our quiz, you unconditionally accept the rules of the quiz game presented exclusively on the website www.adria.fun.

The ADVENT QUIZ will last for a total of four weeks, from 4.12. until 30.12. 2023. The first round of the quiz lasts from December 4 to 9, with the questions (from 1 to 5) being published at eight in the morning from December 4 to 8 (one question per day from Monday to Friday), and on Saturday, December 9., we will announce the quiz winners. There are no prize announcements or participation in the quiz on Sundays.

The second round is from December 11 to 16 (questions 6-10), the third round is from December 18 to 23 (questions 11 to 15), and the fourth round is from December 25 to 30 (questions 16 up to 20). All quiz rounds are identical in execution method, they differ only in prizes. We announce the prizes for each round at the beginning of each week, on Mondays at 8 am.


IMPORTANT! Answers in comments on our social networks do not count and will not sign you up for this giveaway.


The weekly prize can only be won by contestants who correctly and quickly answered all five daily questions published in one week, ranked by speed of registration in the provided form below the publication.

To be able to correctly participate in this quiz and win a prize, after answering the question, you must enter your personal data (correct first and last name, e-mail address, and name of the city), thereby automatically giving us your consent for mandatory registration to our newsletter. Then you will find out if you answered the question correctly!


IMPORTANT! If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, you automatically lose the POSSIBILITY of winning.


If you answered the question correctly, the correct answer and a confirmation that you answered correctly will appear below the question text. If the answer is incorrect, the answer will appear that you answered incorrectly, and you have to repeat the procedure of answering the question correctly and register again.

All contestants who have properly registered for the Adria fun newsletter will receive a welcome message in their email inbox from our email address info@adria.fun confirming their correct registration to the newsletter. BE SURE to check your SPAM folder if you haven’t received our email.

Only adults can participate in the quiz, regardless of their country of origin. Minors, Voice of Media employees, and members of their immediate family are prohibited from participating.

For all questions, suggestions, compliments, or complaints, you can contact us via e-mail at info@adria.fun



The publication was created as a result of the joint work of the editorial staff.

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