(Giveaway) The third chance to win travel suitcases is right in front of you!

We continue with our fun contest CREATIVELY DESCRIBE A PICTURE AND RUN AWAY WITH ADRIA FUN SUITCASES, which started on Monday, January 29th, and lasts until Friday, February 2nd.

You still have enough time to do everything, and you’re not late anywhere to win our SUPER COOL travel cases. Here’s what the prize looks like!



Unique Adria fun blue travel suitcases


A little reminder of how it all works! We publish a unique photo every day. Your task is to take a good look at the picture and to describe it in your own words in a creative and fun way, using a maximum of ten words, including conjunctions.

It is important to be as creative and fun as possible while using a maximum of 10 words. You can use one, two, or three words, but you must not use more than TEN.


IMPORTANT! If you play every day, you have a higher chance of winning than if you play only once.


IMPORTANT! The picture’s description must not be vulgar or socially unacceptable on any basis (hate speech, sexism, etc.) because we will not accept such responses. Your creativity is evaluated by our jury, and the winner is a reader who, according to the jury’s opinion, will give the most creative and fun description of one photo.

It is not allowed for ONE person to send more than ONE description for ONE photo. This means you can send a new description every day, but only for a photo you haven’t already described.



The photo was taken in the Kamnik Alps in SloveniaCreatively describe THIS picture with a maximum of 10 words in the form below the picture!


Bivak pod Skuto, Kamniška Bistrica, Photo: Miha Rekar, Unsplash



Photos participating in the giveaway:

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