The most beautiful view of Sarajevo can be found on Trebević!

One of the favorite excursion spots of Sarajevo citizens and tourists is Mount Trebević (1627 m/asl). The easiest way to get there is with the Trebević cable car.

The Trebević cable car, better known as the uspinjača in Sarajevo slang, was officially opened in 1959, and it connected Bistrik (583 m/asl) with Vidikovac on Trebević (1160 m/asl).



Cable car Trebevic, Sarajevo, Photo: Datingscout, Unsplash


With its length of 2,100 meters, the Trebević cable car was one of the most important in the former Yugoslavia and one of the few in general that departs from the very center of the city in 12 minutes and leads to untouched nature and an oasis of clean air.


Due to poor maintenance and technical failures, the cable car was permanently closed in 1989, and then, it was completely destroyed during the last war.


Cable car Trebevic, Sarajevo, Photo: Mujo Hasanovic, Unsplash


The Trebević (Sarajevo) cable car was renovated and started operating again in 2018. A new system was created with 33 cabins and a capacity of 10 people per cabin, transporting up to 1,200 passengers from the city to Trebević in an hour, and the journey takes 9 minutes.


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The view from the viewpoint of Trebević is one of the most beautiful views of Sarajevo, for which it is worth setting aside 30 KM (15 euros) for a return cable car ticket.

At the top, there is a modernly designed catering facility with around 150 seats and a terrace that offers a superb view of the city you will never forget.



Since ancient times, Trebević has been adorned with a favorable geographical position, a mild climate, and natural beauty embedded in nature lovers’ hearts. The Sarajevo mahallahs on its slopes represents a unique harmony of urban and natural, and the entire area is characterized by great biodiversity.


View of Sarajevo from Trebević, Photo: Thomas Hackl, CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED



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