Grožnjan is a place of art that deserves your visit!

In the heart of Istria, on a hill next to the  Mirna River, carved into a mystical stone from the Middle Ages, is the city of artists – Grožnjan.

It is only a 30-minute drive from the beaches of Umag and Novigrad, offering everyone an oasis of peace and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


This medieval pearl of Istria has become home to numerous creatives, artists, musicians, and curious souls eager to discover the authentic artistic atmosphere.


Grožnjan, Photo:


The name Grožnjan probably has its roots in the Latin Grisium or the ancient Graecinian, which literally means a stone hill. Since 1965, when it was declared the city of artists, the narrow cobbled streets of Grožnjan have become a lively creative center.

In the thirty houses, galleries, and studios that adorn the city, there are more artists than permanent residents.


Grožnjan, Fonticus Gallery, Photo:


A walk through Grožnjan becomes magic for all the senses. Art works and music are born in every corner of the city, and the exhibited paintings, the sounds from the windows of the Castle, the refreshing breeze and the view of the sea from the monumental walls make for a unique and memorable experience.

It is difficult to leave Grožnjan without a memory or souvenir that testifies to the uniqueness of this small town.


Grožnjan, Photo:


Creativity, wine, and food are breathtakingly intertwined in Grožnjan. In the city of artists, it is always advisable to stop by one of the numerous bars, tasting rooms, or taverns.

Refresh yourself with local wine or traditional brandy, while enjoying the Istrian culinary offer at the same time. The view of the stone monuments and the idyllic surroundings becomes a perfect combination with the tastes and smells of the local gastronomy.


Grožnjan, view of the surroundings Photo:


Grožnjan is more than a city, it is a living picture where the past and the present intertwine, creating a unique atmosphere that captures the hearts of visitors.

This Istrian jewel offers a unique experience of art, wine, and food, making it a must-see destination for you.





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